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I just love the atmosphere as soon as I walk through the door! Kristel is such an Amazing teacher! She is professional, organized and has a great sense of humour and is such an authentic soul. The staff are also so helpful and know their products! Thank You Kristel for sharing your Beautiful Gift with us all.
— Sheila D.
Thank you, Kristel, for the Thetahealing treatment I received. It was was amazing and enlightening and I am truly grateful for the insights you shared with me!
Can’t wait for the Thetahealing course in September!
Thank you.
— Pat
Following my first course taken at Divine Clarity called Spiritual Development,
it was there I felt an awakening. It is especially hard to express in words, as I walk away with a sense of freedom, of acceptance that one is not crazy and never alone. Truth be told, I was on the verge of no coming back. I was in a deep dark place and felt their was no way out. This course was the new beginning for me, to live a very different life. Bless all the hearts of those beautiful souls whom also helped me, during that class. Acceptance is huge when one walks around doubting one’s self. Taking the course required for me to walk away from many things, basically the way I was choosing to live my life. Not that I want to label ones’s self but for this purpose only I will share that I am a military veteran and also a past mental health worker, working for a mobile crisis team. I am aware there are many of us struggling to just make it day to day, here on earth, trying to live a fulfilling life and more with those we love. Life is hard enough, especially when one feels alone, even though you might have many loved ones surrounding you. I myself had also been dealing with major loss in my life and so thankfully for Rev. Kristel’s staff and for her teachings. Kristel was able to guide me and others to truly learn whom we are as humans on this earth and how we have the ability to make it better for one’s self and others. If you have taken one of her classes, you truly understand what it is I am sharing with you. I have made such big positive changes in my life that others have noticed and the best part is seeing the changes in others surround me. Even witnessing their reactions as my lingo has changed for the better and more. People are telling me they love the new me, while others may have a bit of a challenge with me changing and that is ok with me. I realize that we all have life long lessons to learn from and how we process those lessons are huge when it comes to a positive outcome, instead of negative ones. This course forced me to look inside one’s self and love one’s self for the great good of everyone around me and so much more. Beyond thankful. Just know you are in good professional hands and many professional do attend her classes.
— Tina V.
Anytime I feel that I am struggling with something that I can’t seem to work through on my own and need help I make an appointment with Darcy for a hypnotherapy appointment. It’s such a wonderful feeling that you don’t have to stay stuck. Thank you so much for your help and what you do.
— Roxanne N.
Such a beautiful shoppe! You can just feel the loving energy in this place. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. All the classes and workshops are worth going to as well. It has been very life enhancing!
— Alicia V.
I had a most memorable experience...very emotional for me. Yes, I will refer gladly. Thank you, Kristel.
— Lorene C.
I took the Awakened Lightworker Course this weekend and I just want to thank you Kristel for a weekend of inspiration, knowledge, healing and growth. Your beautiful soul shines a great light on everyone you teach. Each class I have taken with you has awakened me and has helped me heal and grow into the best version of myself.
— Patrice M.
They say when the student is ready , the teacher will appear...
Well, it did for me with Kristel.
For the last 15 years I have studied and travelled to learn about different energy modalities. I have to be honest that Kristel is one of the best teacher I have had. She brings her life experience in all her teachings which makes it accessible for everyone that wants to attend her classes. Her sense of humour and the way she presents her curriculum on all different energy related modalities guide her students to feel at ease in her classes. She is helping me to believe in my potential and to remove blocks that prevented me to become my true self. Merci Kristel
— Martine B.
A friend referred me to Divine Clarity I didn’t know what to expect going in, we had a private reading done it was bang on. This place has a very inviting atmosphere and I plan on coming back. I highly recommend Divine Clarity!
— Jamie R.
I really enjoyed my past life hypnotherapy with Darcy. I felt like I was able to let go of a lot of anxiety. Exploring my past lives was an amazing experience. I am looking forward to my next session.
— Katey T.
I found Divine Clarity last fall 2018 and the moment I entered their building it felt like home. I came back for their open house and I booked a hypnotherapy session with Darcy. And despite being very anxious about it, Darcy’s gentle, kind, non-judgmental demeanor set me at ease which allowed me to do some long overdue healing. Following this, I had many interests and questions about their courses and was unsure which direction to take and found myself calling a few times for clarification. Their receptionists are exceptional as they always patiently answer your questions and if they do not know the answer they find out for you. I’ve just completed the Spiritual Development course with Kristel and it gave me much more than I expected. Kristel is generous and open with sharing her information and personal experiences and is truly a messenger to raise consciousness and help people to be the best version of themselves. She is kind, authentic and gracious. I am grateful to have found this place and these wonderful people and I will be back.
— Karen B.
My mom and I had two readings with Kristel and both times it was truly like having a reunion with our loved ones on the other side. She brought them through clear as day. My only regret is that we didn’t discover her sooner.
— Melanie G
This place is so uplifting. The staff here are on a high vibrational level and you can’t help but leave the place feeling inspired. I’ve had several readings with Kristel now, and she’s always spot on. If I could give this place 10 stars I would.
— Melissa S.
I am awe inspired by your creativity!!!! Thank you for shining your light so bright and seeing me before I could see myself. You have no idea what you have done for my healing journey. I am truly humbled by your gifts. I can honestly say I am still alive because of you. Thank you my soul sista, this world has more light, color and energy because of you. Love ya!
— Lora L.
I was unsure what I was going to hear, I went in with an open mind. I was blown away with what she told me. There was no way she knew all the details about my father and my sister and I. I can’t express how much this has helped me dealing with the death of my father. I would give 6 stars if I could, and I will be back for another session.
— Kyle T. ~ Medium Reading
This little lady [Kristel] changed my life! She told me things about my parents that only I would know. She actually wrote out my brothers name and told me what his children needed from us as a family. She gave me such closure and reassurance they were all together. I will be forever grateful for Kristel sharing her gift. Thank you! I highly recommend her.
— Judith M.
I attended Kristel’s intimate holiday group medium reading on December 16th and was extremely impressed. She was right on with her readings. I’ll definitely be booking a private reading with her.
— Cheryl M.
I am so amazed by Kristel’s gift with her ability to connect and transfer messages to loved one from the spiritual world; and she connected my grandson to his loving girlfriend.
— Cecile P.
Kristel did another excellent job with her group reading. Many participants were able to receive messages from their loved ones who have passed over. Details which may be too personal for all to hear are quickly and effectively edited so one need fear that personal issues will be exposed to a large group. All in all, a great experience!
— Connie D.
Attended one of Kristel’s gallery readings for the first time. She was amazing! Her messages were spot on. Can definitely recommended, you won’t be disappointed!!
— Diana R.
I was very fortunate to get a reading from Kristel. She connected with my brother, father, and aunt. Many messages were sent to me from my loved ones. I had many medium readings in the past but Kristel’s reading is the best I have experienced. I would highly recommend everyone to see Kristel for a medium reading.
— Sanka
I had a great experience at the Bridging Spirits workshop and a wonderful session with Kristel as Medium, helping me to reach past relatives! Thank you Kristel and Divine Clarity!
— Ron C.
Awaken Lightworker is a phenomenal workshop. 4 days later and still feeling the impact. Understanding that we can learn life lessons in a lighter way. Thank you Kristel for the way you teach your students, it’s such a wonderful feeling being a part of your workshops. I always feel safe when I attend your workshops. You are truly inspiring.
— Roxanne N.
The Awaken Lightworker workshop was a great experience. I came into the course full of questions and left feeling enlightened, sure of myself and life. The Soul Retrieval part was one of my favorite parts! It is hard to condense the experience of this amazing weekend workshop into just a few lines- just do it for yourself! You’ll love it!
— Alicia H.
Had a great reading with Kristel. Will be back next year. Looking forward to exploring some classes.
— Neila R.
Kristel gave me a beautiful reading. She gave me many signs and messages from my loved ones that were very specific and comforting. A lot of my questions to my loved ones were answered without asking. She has a wonderful gift. Thank you!
— Sandra O.
Had a wonderful reading today & I just really appreciate all the signs, symbols and confirmation from my loved one she is with me. Thank you! Worth the almost year wait!
— Jackie T.
Great selection of crystals/cards to buy. Darcy is a wonderful Hypnotherapist and leaves you feeling great when you leave into the “outside” world.
— Robert K.
The staff is wonderful and the classes Kristel & Darcy offer are amazing. Canada, you are so lucky to have this team on your side of the border!!
— Heather O.
Had many amazing experiences at Divine Clarity!! I have had an amazing reading and took both levels of Theta Healing. Most recently, I had a Hypnotherapy session with Darcy. Words cannot describe how amazing the session! More magical experiences at Divine. I would recommend Hypnotherapy.
— Jodie D.
Every time I’ve been in here the people working have been super kind, overall really enjoyable.
— Zalaniea L.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend Kristel’s Basic ThetaHealing class! After taking the workshop I felt my trust, faith and connection to Spirit increase. In the Theta state I feel very connected to Spirit! Thank-you Kristel for the amazing workshop!
— Kaitlyn C.
Highly recommend the workshops! I attended the Spiritual Development one and loved it. Kristel is an amazing teacher ; the workshop is fun and packed with info that reaches from quantum physics to self development and everything in between. LOVED IT! Cant wait to attend the other workshops as well! The staff is super friendly too and the location layout is just beautiful and makes you feel like home.
— Alicia V.
A wonderful experience meeting my loved ones through Kristel. As soon as I got back to my car I realised who the pet Charlie was, even though we couldn’t clarify it at the time. It was Harley. I recommend definitely taking a tape recorder with you. So much information, in such a short time. Thank you Kristel.
— Margaret I.
So much gratitude for Kristel. I know people are so grateful for you and all you do but I’m not sure if they truly understand how blessed we are that you are here locally. You are so much more than what you portray
— Roxanne N.
My husband and I had a Medium Reading with Kristel the other day. It was so amazing - she was spot on with so many details and stories. And we have to let you know Kristel - we figured out who that biker was. Unbelievable! Thank you so much.
— Brenda T.
I had a Past Life Regression with Darcy the other day! What an amazing experience. Afterwards I was able to actually do some research and validate what I experienced! Honestly couldn’t of made it up if I tried, also I had to really look for the information so it’s not something I learned in school. I highly recommend Darcy, he is very intuitive and really knows what he’s doing.
— Vanessa
I am very pleased with my reiki experience at Divine Clarity. It was a perfect fit of good energy from the minute I walked in greeted by the receptionist to the reiki session. It was great! Thanks so much. I will be back
— Gerry P.
Absolutely loved the movie night. I’ve seen it when it premiered but this time got so much more for it looking through it from a different time space and lens. I am so glad to be apart of divine clarity and what they stand for believe in, the workshops and now the healing sessions that Kristel is helping with. This was an affirmation that they truly are earth angels here to good help and open up the possibilities and awareness. Words can’t thank enough for what I took out of that move last night. Thank you to Kristel and the staff for being a part of my journey. Love and light.
— Marcia N. ~ Spiritual Movie Night
My visit was uplifting, I’ll be back soon.
— Marilyn R. ~ Alleviating Anxiety Workshop
Had hypnosis session with Darcy in July. Very interesting, thank you Darcy.
— Beverly ~ Hypnotherapy
Easy to find, parking not a problem, lovely shop with so many gift ideas. I loved the 30 minute massage chair and relaxation room, very relaxing.
— Pam
I had my personalized session with Kristel as part of the Healer Retreat & Mentorship Program and her guidance with helping me on my journey is amazing. Thank you Kristel!
— Patrice M. ~ Healer Retreat & Mentorship
Thank you Kristel! You’re so very gifted and go beyond what I was able to comprehend, you did say it would take a week or so to come clearer. I am extremely grateful I walked into your store a year ago,and booked the healer retreat. A very moving experience. I feel very blessed to have had some alone time with you, you are truly amazing and blessed with gifts that are from the highest! I will be back to learn more.
— Elaine H. ~ Healer Retreat & Mentorship
Had a Reiki session with Darcy on July 5th. A++ experience. Thank you Darcy!
— Patrice M. ~ Reiki Session
Well I am still in awe. Kristel was absolutely amazing. She has a gift like no other and in turn gave me a gift no one else could. She is simply fabulous. Everything she said was 100% accurate and left me with messages from my loved one that has helped me heal and feel better knowing that my loved one is doing great in the spirit world. Thank you ever so much. My next session is already booked.
— Kim K. ~ Medium Reading
Thoroughly enjoyed IET training with Kristel!! I’ve been there so often this spring it feels like home!! Thank you Kristel for your kindness and all that you are so willing to share!
— Carolynn M. ~ Integrate Energy Therapy Workshop
My son and I had a private reading with Kristel. We were able to connect with our son/brother and it was amazing. 100% accurate! My son was skeptical to attend but is now a believer. Never thought I would see that day! My sincere thanks Kristel. I will be back.
— Marci C. ~ Medium Reading
My sister and I had the privilege of attending a group reading in Toronto. We were fortunate enough to have a message from our mother, grandmother and a family friend. Truly a unique experience. Kristel is a gifted and approachable person. Thank you!
— Bethelene H. ~ Toronto Group Medium Reading
Thank You, thank you Kristel for the lovely reading. Wayne was able to connect with his long deceased Father who passed very suddenly, and couldn’t say goodbye. We so enjoyed the messages we got, and all the information that made us feel unbelievably great!! Thank you again!
— Wayne & Pat ~ Medium Reading
THANK YOU Kristel of Divine Clarity for a most enlightening and amazing HEALER RETREAT!! Your presentation is heartfelt and skilled ... I had strong “AHA” moments. Thank you so much for making your workshops available. I can’t wait til the next one!
— Carolynn M. ~ Healer Retreat
I attended the Basic Medium Workshop with Kristel and it was an amazing experience. Kristel is a very gifted teacher and presenter. She is very passionate about what she does and she truly cares about the people she teaches and works with. She took a genuine interest in all of the students. I find it inspiring how committed Kristel is to using her gifts to help others. I feel blessed to have met Kristel. I highly recommend Divine Clarity. Thank you Kristel for a wonderful experience.
— Daniel S. ~ Basic Mediumship Workshop
I had a private reading with Kristel and it was an amazing experience. There was no doubt in my mind that my dad was communicating with me through Kristel. She told me plans for three trips that my boyfriend and I have and it was specific enough to know that my dad was telling her our plans. She also mentioned specific details of my life that there was no she would have know. I will definitely be booking another reading in the future and will recommend her to anyone who wants to have a reading done
— Paige T. ~ Medium Reading
I was absolutely amazed with my reading with Kristel. I was hoping to hear from my boyfriend who had passed last May, and it happened. I was able to let go a lot of the guilt I had been carrying with me and he confirmed many details about our relationship and time together. He knew I had written him letters as he read them, I had asked him to mention my tattoo that I had in his memory and he did! And of course said I should have gone bigger. It was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend Kristel to anyone looking to connect with their loved ones.
— Kristy S. ~ Medium Reading
Kristel did a family reading with me and my family and it was such an amazing experience. I also did a course with ThetaHealing and I absolutely loved it. I absolutely recommend her to everybody.
— Courtney B. ~ Medium Reading
Theta Healing...what an incredible healing modality and an amazing learning experience! Thank you to our master teacher, Kristel Kernaghan!
— Bonnie W. ~ ThetaHealing Workshop
My first experience was for a personal reading with Kristel. I was so pleased, beyond any expectations I may have had. I was able to connect with my parents, my husband’s mother and my daughter. Even our pooch was present! I am in awe of this amazing experience and so Blessed to have had the chance for this time with Kristel. She is so wonderful connecting with the Spirit World. This is truly her calling.
— Joanne ~ Medium Reading
I SO enjoyed my appointment with Darcy doing an in-depth Chakra and Aura Report . He was very professional and did a phenomenal job putting together a well rounded report including psychology/the physical body and the spiritual. This will be a great ‘entry’ experience for many of my clients as they begin to dive into the spiritual but still desire the psychology behind chakras/auras etc. So thankful!!
— Terri-Lynn D. ~ In Depth Aura & Chakra Report
The IET course weekend was high energy and inspiring! I feel that it is a very significant and important part of my energy and spiritual healing toolbelt. I have been working for some time on minimizing and eliminating chronic pain and I have had a major breakthrough! I am able to get through my days without pain by including IET in my self healing process. This is HUGE! As I have suffered from severe chronic pain all my life. I also received confirmation that the energy healing that I was practicing on others was effective and am therefore excited to start offering this to others!
— Peony W. ~ Integrated Energy Therapy Workshop
My first experience with Kristel was a medium reading. That reading was the push I needed to attend one of her weekend workshops. I have taken several of them now. I have also had healings with her husband Darcy and he is equally amazing. I am so incredibly thankful for them both. Words cannot express my gratitude. You cannot put a price on the way it will make you feel. Last but not least I am thankful for their staff, they are always so warm, welcoming and helpful. Thank you again Kristel and Darcy for all that you do, you both truly are genuine amazing souls!
— Roxanne N.
I had my first one on one reading with Kristel and she was amazing. I say first because I will definitely go back. It was so great to be connected with my loved ones and I left feeling so happy, grateful and just lighter than I have in a long time. Kristel is extremely comfortable to be around ... cause let’s face it, talking to dead people can be a little overwhelming but she is very genuine, kind and has a great sense of humour about it. Thank you Kristel, I look forward to more workshops and readings in the future!
— Steph ~ Medium Reading
Kristel definitely has been given a gift. I’ve seen her many times in a group but yesterday I had my first private session with her. She told me things she would have no way of knowing except through a divine connection. There was something she told me that I wasn’t sure about and it just happened today! It was hard for me to keep a straight face at my meeting this afternoon… all I could think about was how she “saw this” yesterday. I urge anyone reading this to make an appointment to see her. You won’t be disappointed.
— Rhonda ~ Medium Reading
I really enjoyed this!!!! Kristel was amazing and felt so comfortable with her... She was bang on with everything... I highly recommend her to anyone and look forward to joining her courses.
— Courtney B. ~ Gallery Medium Reading
I did a small group reading with a couple friends from work., we all have December Birthdays thought it would be a great way to start the New Year. We were all very pleased on how accurate and right on she was with all of our readings, gave us all a sense of peace.. I would highly recommend!! Very pleased. :)
— Michelle ~ Online Group Medium Reading
I am grateful for the gifts you share ... without that help I would not be facing my fears and blockages. You have single mindedly shown me the way and helped me heal.
— Polly C.
This fall I had the pleasure of attending the Beginning Mediumship class and the Mediumship Developmental Circle with Kristel. She is a gifted teacher and facilitator who is able to navigate and explain the realm of Spirit communication with such clarity. Her humour, empathy and wisdom allow us as students to relax into a process that is all at once exhilarating, fascinating and deeply humbling. As we are guided through exercises that teach us the necessary skills of connection and discernment, Kristel instills in us a deep sense of reverence for this work. I wish I could express in words the extent of my gratitude and appreciation. We are so fortunate to have this world class teacher and Medium in our own backyard.
— Rachel L. ~ Mediumship Workshop & Development Circle
Thanks once again you far exceeded what I expected.
— Kevin G. ~ Mediumship Development Circle
Huge thank you to Kristel for all her love and guidance on our journey as developing mediums. I personally, had many self doubts and questions about my own journey. I feel that this has been a huge awakening. To know that this path has been there, waiting for me to accept and to follow is a life-altering revelation. Kristel, you are a wonderful teacher, mentor and inspiration! It is my honour and pleasure to be your student! Much love to you.
— Bonnie W. ~ Mediumship Development Circle
I am thankful for my reading. It gave me peace in knowing my love ones are in a good place and hearing their messages of love and forgiveness. I always believe that there is a spirit world out there but hearing specific messages for me has made me believe even more. Thank you for being an instrument for so many.
— Rose ~ Medium Reading
I attended the Bridging Spirits workshop and it was great. Kristel has answers to a lot of questions I’ve been wondering and so many more insightful things to learn. She is very professional and has an extremely positive vibe about her ... and she’s funny!! I have a one on one reading next month and I can’t wait!!!
— Steph ~ Bridging Spirits Workshop
I want to thank Kristel for the amazing reading last night. I was so happy and relieved to hear from the three people I wanted to hear from the most.
— Lisa ~ Medium Reading
My mother and I had our 2nd appointment with Kristel and again was absolutely amazing. Kristel brought up memories from my childhood that she would have never known. Her accuracy is incredible and I am so thankful to have found her. My visits with Kristel have offered me a sense of peace and have helped me emotionally deal with so many family I would have lost. I will continue to see her yearly and would highly recommend her if you want a TRUE authentic reading.
— Amanda ~ Medium Reading
Thank heaven I was led to take the soul retrieval program it will help me get back together parts I’ve been missing. Welcome back!!!!
Kristel you are piecing it all back together......Thank you for your amazing gifts to all of us. Namaste.
— Polly ~ Soul Retrieval
I’ve just taken a two day workshop on Spiritual Development and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Thank-you so much Kristel for sharing your gifts :) So looking forward to attending more of your workshops.
— Brenda ~ Spiritual Development Program
Words cannot express how blessed I feel to have Kristel, Darcy and Divine Clarity in my life! They have been so inspiring and are helping me to become the woman I have always been meant to be! I am excited to continue working with them on this amazing spiritual journey! Lots of love!
— Teresa
Truly amazing night admiring you in action spreading the messages from the loved ones in spirit world. Such grace, poise, with a kick of sense of humor. It was truly an amazing experience to be in attendance for. The love, the energy in the room, you sincerely know how to connect and convey with passion and empathy on all levels. Wow amazing angel, light worker you are, I am truly blessed to be able to be part of that experience! I send my gratitude!
— Marcia ~ Group Medium Reading
I very much enjoyed the Moon Magic workshop. Kristel is a great teacher and a very gifted person. I found it very interesting and learned so many things that I wasn’t aware of. I would definitely attend another workshop!
— Joan ~ Moon Magic Workshop
The ThetaHealing workshops Kristel teaches allowed me to put everything I learned by myself together and lift me up to the next level. Kristel’s generosity, knowledge, experience and sense of humor are God send. I can’t recommend these workshops enough!
— Sandrine Z. ~ ThetaHealing Workshops
The rooms were very calming and beautiful with large Angel Statues all around. The meeting was very exciting and felt very relaxed, I would tell my friends and family to try out the different classes to feel connected and a peaceful solitude connection.
— Denise S.
I would like to give my warmest gratitude to Darcy regarding our first past life regression appointment together, which was a very spiritual lifting experience that has really helped me to understand some of my inner feelings towards my childhood. My wife and I look forward to our first medium reading with Kristel, and from what I’ve seen during the group readings, I have no doubt her gifts will amaze us and the wait will be well worth it. Thank you to Darcy, Kristel and especially Nicolette who introduced me into this amazing environment!
— Chad H. ~ Past Life Regression
My reading touched me on a very deep level. My mom insisted on delivering her message - my deepest regret was that she passed before I got married and had my three wonderful children - she said that she was there for every single thing and that she had not missed one event in their lives! Kristel was awesome and brought up so many perfect things - our cat (black and white) and my mom’s jewelry that I go through every so often to feel close to her...thank you so much for touching my heart and letting me know my mom is ok, It was amazing to see spirit in the room - literally (lights) ...lol.
— Judith C. ~ Group Medium Reading
We attended the Gimli event on July 21/17. My daughter had given me a ticket for a Mother’s Day gift, and it was very fitting that the second last reading of the evening was my mother who came through. Kristel was very accurate about information regarding my Mom and her love for music. She came through looking to talk with her daughter with the angel pin, which she had given me. I loved her sense of humor, and respected the fact that she didn’t just want to make anything fit, but wanted the right information for the right person. I would definitely say she has a gift for healing the soul, and would loved to see her again.
— Linda B. ~ Gimli Group Medium Reading
I had a reading tonight it was amazing. It was a cool thing when the light flashed when she was asking for a sign if the spirit was connected to me. My brother sure gave us all a sign. The reading was bang on and I will definitely be booking a private reading. Thanks for doing what you do to connect us with our loved ones.
— Wendy L. ~ Medium Reading
I had my reading with Kristel last night and it was incredible! She was bang on with all the information and I feel set free of the constraints that bound me. Thank you Kristel!!
— Nat ~ Medium Reading
Very grateful for all the help and knowledge provided from such beautiful and kind staff! Thank you!
— Greg
Just had my first Hypnotherapy session with Darcy and you undeniably physically feel a difference while going through the session. My journey with Divine Clarity has been life changing in a very positive and healing way. Thank you Kristel and Darcy for sharing your gift with us.
— Patrice ~ Hypnotherpy
Kristel, you have made it possible for me to carry onward. Knowing that my husband will be with me forever and was ok with the difficult decisions I had to make before and after he died has given me more encouragement to move along. I always felt that he was with me but now I know for sure it is his presence I feel when I get up in the morning and go to bed at night. It was nice also for having my parents and various aunts drop in for a visit as well. My sister was so pleased to hear that my mother and father are together. I will most definitely make another appointment later down the road as this is a wonderful way to stay connected. Thank you so very much.
— Catherine L. ~ Medium Reading
I attended the Regina reading on June 3rd. Amazing night. So many excellent readings. The one that stood out the most for me was the very first one, which was a mother and her 20ish son, connecting with the brother who died. The spot on name, age, rode dirt bikes, and shot .22s. Just amazing. Look forward to future group readings here in Regina.
— Ben J. ~ Regina Group Medium Reading
Thank you Kristel! My time with Kristel allowed me to not only connect with loved ones but in doing so helped me to receive a much needed message from family. As I process I am finding a gentle peace. To receive such strong validation of their presence I certainly connected to my loved ones. If you are thinking of taking this journey I recommend you see Kristel. She was as promised.
— Shirley M. ~ Medium Reading
I felt very blessed to have had my loved ones come through for me, it was an amazing feeling. I feel more at ease knowing my mother came through, thank you so much Kristel, I sure will come back for another visit.
— Cheryl D. ~ Medium Reading
My husband and I have had a reading every six months since our daughter passed two years ago. The connection with our daughter has helped us with our grief. Kristel you are such a caring compassionate person and we feel so comfortable being with you. Thank you so much.
— Charlene W. ~ Medium Reading
Kristel I can never say thank you enough after a reading I feel so at peace and happy knowing my husband is with me and family and is watching over us and to know that he loves us I thank you again so very much for sharing your gift and let us know how are loved ones are doing. An angel in disguise.
— Bertha F. ~ Medium Reading
I had a medium appointment with Kristel. It was beyond enlightening for me as I had the opportunity to connect with my parents who passed many decades before; along with messages from my best friend and soul sister - many loved ones. I left there feeling more whole and at peace. Thank you Kristel. I definitely will be coming back when I can. Many blessings.
— Kathy S. ~ Medium Reading
Had an amazing afternoon there today. First had an in-depth aura and chakra reading done by Darcy then spent an hour relaxing in the healing haven. Left feeling rejuvenated and lighter. Will be back again!
— Melanie L. ~ In Depth Aura & Chakra Report
Kristel is an excellent teacher. She is gracious, engaging and so authentic. The shoppe is lovely and so are the staff. It’s such a beautiful learning facility. Divine Clarity is a divine blessing!!!!
— Marlo B.
I was given a reading with Kristel as a wedding gift. I absolutely loved it. Kristel was able to connect with my brother, grandfather, and a friend that had passed. I highly recommend Kristel.
— Ashley Z. ~ Medium Reading
I saw her in Fargo and she was just wonderful! My family members that went we’re blown away and all were so pleased by her. I hope she would come back because I have many friends who want to come too!
— Jodie H. ~ Fargo Group Medium Reading
Was at one of Kristel’s group readings. Heart warmingly beautiful to witness this Powerful Divine Gift!!
— Helen K. ~ Group Medium Reading
Kristel has a wonderful way of teaching. She is filled with love and light and truly works in total authenticity. I am happy to have a teacher like her to guide us into being able to find our own authentic self. I also love that she has a great sense of humour as laughter itself is a healer :)
— Susan S.
Kristel is absolutely authentic, you will realize that within a couple minutes of your reading. It is worth the wait to get in with her! She is down to earth and makes you feel comfortable. I have nothing but amazing things to say, I already have my next reading booked.
— Amanda K. ~ Medium Reading
I have been for 3 medium readings now and I love it. I always leave feeling so at peace and loved more than ever. I don’t know what I would have done without Kristel’s assistance in connecting with loved ones passed. Since I have started readings with Kristel my life has changed for the better and I am happier than ever. She is a wonderful woman who is caring, compassionate and truly uses her gift to aid other people both here on earth and in spirit. Thank you Kristel for everything you have helped me through. There are no words to truly express my gratitude.
— Remee ~ Medium Reading
I found the reading very emotional but yet very peaceful to be able to connect with my loved ones. After the reading I had a very calming feeling to know that they are in a wonderful place.
— Audrey ~ Medium Reading
Thank you, Kristel for making it possible to hear from loved ones I’ve been missing so much! The experience was very comforting and will always stay with me. I especially appreciate that you encouraged me to record the session ... actually you did much more than encourage me! You found the app and loaded it on my phone for me! It’s been wonderful to be able to play it all back. And the session began with a message for my husband from his father that he has needed to hear for a long time! It’s wonderful to know our loved ones live on and are often so close by! Thank you! It was everything I was hoping and more.
— Lisa L. ~ Medium Reading
Kristel is amazing. We have seen her twice and both times she gave so many guiding messages and detailed confirmations from our Mom and others who have passed that no one else could possibly know. She truly helped confirm our belief in spirits and how they help to guide us and provide support in trying times. Thanks again Kristel—we are so thankful.
— Sisters ~ Medium Reading
I had the most amazing and loving visits from the other side. My mom, dad and brother, and two nephews, grandmother and auntie who came by to visit There are no words of how I felt hearing them. I will be going again. Thank you so much Kristel for helping me with your gifts that you have been given.
— Doreen J. ~ Medium Reading
After hearing all the messages last night and a personal one for me I have such a sense of peace and joy. I’m so thankful for and positively altered because of my time and experience with Kristel.
— Pausha M. ~ Group Medium Reading
Some insight from a medium helped me solve a few of life’s mysteries. So I had a great visit with my Mom and Dad and brother Bob on Valentine’s Day, even though they’ve been dead for a few years.
— Laurie Mustard ~ Medium Reading
This class (Angelic Realm Practitioner Workshop) was fantastic. The material and presentation was terrific. Very informative; terrific personal examples. I hung on every word. Kristel is very interesting to listen to! Thanks for the great class! I learned a lot!
— Sheila T. ~ Angelic Realm Practitioner Workshop
The New Years Eve intention setting and meditation was exactly what I needed! It gave me hope and made me excited about the future which I haven’t been in a long time due to suffering from chronic pain and depression. It also gave me tools to work with towards manifesting healing. It was an incredible gift to me and the best possible way to start off the new year!
— Annette W. ~ New Years Movie & Meditation
Kristel is an amazing lady! She told us things that she could possibly not have known! She truly gets in touch with spirit!
— Jan M. ~ Medium Reading
Totally relaxing experience in massage chair and chi machine. Professional staff. Very clean and peaceful.
— Jocelyn G. ~ Healing Haven
Kristel explained perfectly how she can speak to the spirits who are around me. I found this comforting and put me right at ease. I felt a quiet calm after the reading that I had not felt for a very long time. I have already booked another session with Kristel and I now have no hesitation that it will give me more comfort as I move on with my life. Always a believer.
— Janet ~ Medium Reading
I was lucky to have the chance to try a past life regression with Darcy. I was excited, but also quite nervous going in, as I wasn’t sure what to expect. Darcy was very warm and welcoming, and talked me through everything at the beginning. I learned valuable lessons that I need to work on now in my life... also my homework. :) Having had some time to let my experience sink in, I am feeling more relaxed, and feel like I’m more able to take things as they happen. I did feel emotional towards the end, but I would very much recommend this experience. Darcy was very patient and understanding. Thank you Darcy for this opportunity.
— Katrina ~ Past Life Regression
My wife gave me a gentle push but glad she did. Darcy really helped me a lot. Guys don’t be shy!
— Michael C. ~ Hypnotherapy
I have completed my Reiki Master certification with Kristel. Kristel is a fantastic teacher - she keeps it fun in her delivery and keeps it real. A very welcoming atmosphere. I was quite shy when beginning this journey but with gentle pushing from Kristel, coming out of that comfort zone, I have gained self confidence and much healing has taken place. Absolutely fantabulous journey!
— Christina ~ Reiki Master Workshop
My heart is full of peace and comfort. My mom came through at a group reading with Kristel. I can’t even begin to explain the gratitude that I have to Kristel and my mom to make this possible. Also knowing that my daughter can see her as well just makes my heart swell. I thank you for sharing your gift with so many of us.
— Twylla ~ Group Medium Reading
Darcy is truly an amazing healer. I had a great session with him and feel in my heart a lot happier and my soul a little lighter!
— Janine C. ~ ThetaHealing
LOVE being read! VERY calming aura, LOVE her :) Feel guilty if I don’t share the experience it is SO amazing :) xoxoxxo!!
— Corrine ~ Medium Reading
I have had one session (so far) with Darcy and I will travel the 225 miles to go back for more. He’s a very kind soul and everything he does comes from love and compassion. The retail shop here is also worth checking out. Lots of unique products at reasonable prices. The staff here is excellent too. Very knowledgeable and friendly. I met Kristel once at a group reading and she is an amazing person as well. I can’t wait to schedule an appointment with her also. This place is the real deal!
— Rhonda
OMG - I can’t believe what Kristel was able to do for me. She brought my parents to me and I was able to resolve my guilt around their deaths. Thank you Kristel, this means so much to me.
— Joanne ~ Medium Reading
The lovely people who work there make you feel like an old friend. The teachings are incredible. The atmosphere is calm, relaxing and feels like home. Highly recommend shopping here. Even higher recommend attending a class.
— Michelle
A wonderful session to help one more forward in all aspects of ones life. Kristel is so passionate and loving with helping one to learn to move forward in all areas of ones life. Much Gratitude goes to Kristel. I also just love her store and all it has to offer.
— Heather ~ ThetaHealing
My son, daughter and I had a private session with Kristel and it was an amazing, emotional and uplifting experience. She communicated some very specific personal details from my husband and mother who passed months apart. We were hoping for some clarity that our loved ones were with us and we definitely received that today. Thank you Kristel, you have an amazing gift!
— Lisa
I had a past life regression with Darcy and it was an amazing experience. He also assisted me with what is happening in my life now bringing me much needed clarity.
— Seann ~ Past Life Regression
Darcy is a kind and gentle healer! Happy and grateful that he’s apart of my life journey!
— A.M.
Darcy is a very confident, knowledgeable teacher and therapist who will lead you, your friends and family members through sessions capable of improving life situations and understanding.
— Ron
I had a private reading from Kristel last night and I cannot thank you enough for giving me what I’ve been waiting a year and a half for. You connected me with my mother for the first time since her death and the details you gave me were astonishingly accurate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly gifted.
— Meghan ~ Medium Reading
Kristel connected my mom and I to my grandpa, which was exactly what we needed. Losing him was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced and hearing from him and knowing he is still with us gives me so much peace and happiness. She was extremely bang on with her messages. I am so grateful for this experience, it was truly amazing! Thank you so much Kristel for sharing your gift with us.
— Ashley ~ Medium Reading
Kristel’s ability to demonstrate, convey and build an interest in the things that she has to teach, inform and enlighten the public on, is SO commendable. I will certainly be returning to build on what I learned on my first visit. Her facilities are clean, roomy and inviting whether it’s in a large or small group setting or if it’s one-on-one. She offers and provides such a complete ‘package’ there. Well done Divine Clarity!!
— Ron C.
I am grateful for Kristel’s insights, positive attitude, discretion and her ability to be completely compassionate and empathetic with absolutely no judgement. I always leave our sessions feeling empowered and with a plan to move my life forward in positive ways. Kristel is down to earth, very easy to open up to and has an amazing sense of humour! She has helped me to believe that anything is possible. The only complaint I have is that our hour together always seems to go by so quickly!
— Brigitte
Very grateful to have took part in the Moon Magic workshop, fascinating information about how everything is connected via energy. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. Magic is brilliant, love Yin/Yang, walking the middle road, Moon names and Astrology. Much love & blessings!
— Steven G. ~ Moon Magic Workshop
Kristel did an amazing job at connecting me and my family with our loved ones!! My personal experience - hearing from my grandma specifically was exactly what I had needed. Thank you Kristel for sharing your beautiful gift with so many people and I hope to learn from you someday myself.
— Tiffany ~ Group Medium Reading
Kristel, you made our day. What a wonderful experience & now I feel that all I have experienced since our Sons passing, is so real is actually true. He does visit us often. Both Tom & I have been so comforted & we Thank You most Sincerely. Our granddaughter Hillary came for a visit this evening & we both shared our experiences we had with you. Kristel, You Are Amazing & we are so Grateful to have had an opportunity to meet with you. We’ll be back!
— Ruth ~ Medium Reading
I attended a group reading with my best friend last night. My friend lost her son only a month ago to a tragic car accident and needed to hear from him to begin the slow healing process. Her son, Justin, was the first to come through and we were truly amazed on the accuracy of every single detail provided. Justin came through and was able to give his mom the ability to start the healing and to be able to try to rebuild her life and to be happy again. Kristel, you have an amazing gift to be able to bring happiness to other people. Thank you for making my friend feel again. It was a wonderful evening and you brought many people beautiful messages.
— Stacey ~ Group Medium Reading
One of the most bang on readings & messages I’ve ever recieved. I’m truly appreciative that you were able to share your gift with me. Thank you!!
— Nicole ~ Regina Group Medium Reading
I met Kristel when took an Angelic class with her. It was an amazing experience. I am out of town but I always try to stop by when I come to the city. I registered for the both Theta healing courses yesterday when I stopped to get some fantastic Crystal books. The atmosphere in the shop is just beautiful, I never wanna leave. Love everything about it.
— Alyssa
Divine Clarity has been a place where Kristel has helped me see the light, where I can find my own peace through the creator and through myself. She has taught me that there is beauty everywhere...sometimes we just have to take a second look and thought. She has taught me how to feel comfortable with myself and to be confident in my own body, mind, spirit , and abilities. Thank you Kristel for helping so many people on this world. You are a light in the darkness. Blessings.
— Melissa F.
Words can not explain the joy one can feel when one gets to connect to a part of ones soul. Thank you.
— Sherry ~ Medium Reading
Amazing folks, amazing shop and amazing energy! Thank you Kristel and Darcy.
— Riz J.
I have been blessed to have Kristel as my teacher and mentor since she first started teaching. I have taken a number of workshops from her and she is simply the best. In October of 2015, I had my first medium appointment with Kristel. This woman is so the real deal, so so gifted. I would encourage anyone who is awakening....or about to...to seek out Divine Clarity and participate in any number of workshops, teachings and medium appointments (group or private). Always a safe place for our spirits to grow, Kristel, Darcy, Nicolette and the rest of the staff make Divine Clarity a wonderful, fulfilling, inspirational place to be. I am so glad to have crossed paths....forever grateful Kristel!
— Patti T.
My husband and I went for a reading with Kristel a few weeks ago and it was amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that she was connecting with loved ones. We felt so much peace after knowing that they are OK and that they are with us all the time.
— Dawn ~ Medium Reading
I just wanted to thank you for coming out and cleansing our home yesterday. I finally feel like life is going to be ok again. Last night was the first night I have slept all night and woke up rested. The energy in the house feels very good now and positive. You have no idea how grateful I am. You have helped my family greatly.
— Sean ~ Home Cleansing & Blessing
My daughter recently passed away and I was needing to connect with her so badly. I received this appointment from someone who has seen Kristel in the past. I don’t think Kristel understands what she actually did for me. She was so compassionate and caring. I honestly don’t even know how to thank her for those words don’t seem like enough. My grief was so fresh and she was still able to connect with my daughter. Kristel you have such an amazing gift and I am so honored to have been read by you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
— Lisa D. ~ Medium Reading
I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Kristel. Today was the closest I have felt to my son since he passed away. Kristel and I laughed and cried together, I experienced so many emotions. I have been searching for help, answers, clarification - just something, anything to help me cope with my loss. Today after seeing Kristel, I have all of the above and most importantly I have hope. I will be seeing Kristel again for another reading in the future.
— Nikki V. ~ Medium Reading
Wow what an inspiration. Through laughter and tears. My family of 16 as a group each had a lovely reading together and separately. Thank you so very much
— Shirley ~ Group Medium Reading
The workshops and healing sessions at Divine Clarity have been very beneficial and enlightening to my spiritual growth and healing business. Kristel’s personal
experiences and connection to spirit since childhood have made her a powerful teacher, medium, psychic, and healer who shares her personal journey throughout
her workshops. Her knowledge, compassion and commitment to helping others shines in her work, and Winnipeg is very blessed to have this incredibly gifted person.
— Cindy M.
I first met Kristel when I was looking for any help as I ventured into Angel cards and readings. Google took me right to an upcoming workshop in just what I wanted. The workshop was very informative and I immediately was drawn to how well Kristel delivered the workshop and how calming being around her was. Before leaving that day I booked a medium reading which I ended up giving to a friend for her birthday and called to book another for myself. We were both very impressed and blown away by our messages. I have since brought 9 others for a private group reading and all received messages that were very clear and obvious - one didn’t realize some of the meaning at the time until going home and discussing with other family members. I also attended a group at Viscout Gort and although I personally didn’t receive a message the ones given were very comforting to all. I’ve met with Darcy for a great past life reading and I will go back for more. AND now I soon get to visit the new location and enjoy Kristel’s first group reading there. So very excited to be witness to the gifts these two share with us again!!!
— Sharon O.
I appreciate the beauty in all I have learnt from Kristel & my experiences with her classes & sessions & the people I cross path through this journey!
— Tanya
I have seen Kristel 2 times and I am so loving her readings ... She was great when I saw her in Brandon, MB. and then had a one on one visit .. I had so many spirits come through .. I sure would tell more people to see her on a one on one visit cause she is so great....even go to her reading she has in your area ..... May the spirits be with you.
— Wendy ~ Medium Reading
Had the opportunity to go to a group reading Kristel was doing. I found her to be very interesting, easy to listen to, and very gentle and compassionate. I also attended a weekend IET workshop. I found it very interesting and use the techniques I learned toward living a more happy relaxed life. I have booked two more events and plan on doing more in the future. Thank you Kristel Kernaghan for sharing your great gifts.
— Darlene W.
“My cousin and I had the opportunity to have a ½ hour reading with Kristel. Our reading with Kristel was amazing! Kristel was able to give confirmations and validations, and was also able to portray the personality and character of our loved ones. Love never dies, our loved ones are with us always. If you are ready for a reading, I highly recommend Kristel, she is the real deal! Thank you Kristel for giving us a half hour with our loved ones.
— Cindy ~ Medium Reading
Me and my husband had a reading with Kristel recently and because this was our very first reading ever, we were a bit skeptic and nervous. We couldn’t have had a better reading that left us feeling very fulfilled and provided such comfort and closure. Kristel has a true talent and extremely correct in validating evidence. I am so thankful to have connected with my father one more time and hope to continue to do so in the future. Thanks again... xo
— Elizabeth ~ Medium Reading
My Father and I had a Reading this afternoon with Kristel today. Very fulfilling and emotional. Kristel has a real talent for speaking with our loved ones. Truly a connection I’ve been waiting to make for way too long. From my heart I thank you once again! Love you Cody Joss and miss you so much Son!! XOXO
— Kevin J. ~ Medium Reading
I have known Kristel for several years now. She is unlike any other soul I have encountered. She is genuinely gifted in all realms of her work. She is kind hearted, connected and will completely blow your mind Every time. (Throw in a quirky sense of humour and you’ve got yourself one amazing experience.) Her workshops are extremely well laid out. She gives her full attention and energy to the material/students, ensures class understanding and promotes your questions. I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with her and Darcy and look forward to continued spiritual growth with them.
— Janet
Thanks Kristel. Once again an excellent performance of training and transfer of knowledge and energy!
— Kevin
Kristel you are an amazing soul! My sisters and I just had a beautiful reading with Kristel and my parents came through. The feeling was amazing! It was so nice to have had the time with our parents especially around Christmas time. It truly was a special gift from Heaven. Thank you Kristel for sharing your gift with us. You bring joy and happiness to people in so many ways. Thank you so much. God Bless!
— Francesca ~ Medium Reading
Wow my reading with Kristel was totally amazing! I was able to talk with my mother that had passed 23 years ago, and my dad and brother. Just knowing that they are still around watching over you when you have been going thru some pretty serious health issue. This session has given me a new boost on life. I strongly recommend Kristel as she is an earth Angel!
— Patricia ~ Medium Reading
Went for a medium reading with my Mom and sister, it was the first time for all of us. Let me tell you it was the most incredible experience of my life! Kristel is absolutely amazing! She shared things with us about our loved ones that was just so beautiful! I highly recommend Kristel! Will definitely go again one day! Thank you so much Kristel!
— Jamie ~ Group Medium Reading
It seems to me that we are all gifted with many different sets of abilities. Some can run companies or countries while others are blessed with incredible gifts/abilities that have the potential to deliver powerful messages and knowledge that can have a profound effect on one’s life. Kristel is one of these people! Her abilities are real, significant, diverse and reach to the highest level being. I don’t think I’ve met a more gifted person in my 58 years of existence.
From deep inside my soul I can only say that you won’t regret your decision to engage Kristel and discover what you are intended to. Open your mind and soul then trust you own instincts to peer into one of life’s amazing realms.
— Mark Olson President & CEO, Landstar Development Corporation
I have seen Darcy for Reiki and Hypnotherapy. All of these sessions were amazing. Darcy is very professional and his kind demeanor makes you feel at ease. After my reiki, I had experienced some physical issues which were a precursor to an emotional breakthrough and the breaking of old habits. Once the breakthrough happened, the physical issue went away. My hypnotherapy visits released a lot of my negative preprogrammed beliefs, self doubt and the list goes on. Darcy helped me uncover my confidence, forgiveness of self and others, understand my underlying fears & where they originated and release them and revealed to me good things about myself. I was finally unstuck! There are not enough words to describe the difference my visits have made.
— Michelle S. ~ Reiki & Hypnotherapy
OH my GOODNESS, the most amazing incredible insightful reading I have ever had. Kristel, gave me so much information with the time that we had. Many, many positive messages were sent to me from my loved one and from other’s loved one for me to be a messager. I would highly recommend everyone to see Kristel at least once to find out for one’s self the miracle of messages that are there for you to receive. You will never be disappointed.
— Heather ~ Medium Reading
I’ve taken classes & have had a medium reading with Kristel. She is the most beautiful soul! She is an amazing teacher, & has a great sense of humour! Best reading my mom & I have ever had. Thank you for being you!
— Noella ~ Medium Reading
Such a gifted woman! I was absolutely blown away with my reading! I will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you so very much! Can’t wait to come back!
— Tanie L. ~ Medium Reading
I meet Kristel in March and since then there have been a lot of positive changes in my life. I love that through theta she guides me to see my blocks and brings things to the surface for me to heal. Most of all I appreciate how gentle she is with me so I can be gentle with my self. This has helped me be more open and patient with my healing. Looking forward to so much more healing. Thank You!
— Laura
Kristel is a gifted healer, medium and being! Darcy is a bright gifted light! Had many experiences and highly recommend both, if your drawn, go for it , you’ll be pleased and feel blessed!
— Marcy
I am truly grateful for both Kristel and Darcy. They are beings of true radiant light and love and it is greatly shown through their teachings. I have had the pleasure of being a student of Theta healing. Kristel is Right ‘it truly Does change your life.’ I look forward to enhancing my education with the any courses they have to offer. Thank you for being you!
— Ashley S. ~ ThetaHealing Workshops
I was part of a group reading with Kristel and was amazed at her accuracy, kindness and empathy. She is truly gifted and I would recommend her services to anyone!
Darcy has a very welcoming friendly personality. Hoping to try hypnotherapy with him as well!
— Melissa B.
I was looking to heal past issues and thoughts. A good friend of mind told me about Kristel. After my first session I left feeling lighter and hopeful along with some new ideas to help me with past negative beliefs. I look forward to seeing Kristel again for a Medium visit with my brother.
— Debbie Q.
My life truly began to change for the better once I began my healing journey with Divine Clarity. I have been working with Kristel for several years. I have taken many workshops and done one-on-one theta healing sessions. Kristel taught me to trust in myself and to manifest my hopes and dreams. I have since found my soul mate and Kristel married us in December of last year. It was Kristel’s encouragement and connection to spirit that helped me work through personal blocks helping me realize my potential.
— Cassie
Kristel has helped me regain my life back. After losing my 14 year old daughter to cancer, I sought the help of Kristel to connect me with my daughter. She did it and it has given me such peace and solace in my life now. I can’t thank her enough for changing my life for the better. I will continue to recommend Kristel to anyone that may need healing help.
— Dana ~ Medium Reading
I have only very positive things to say about Kristel and Darcy! Kristel has helped me several times, through some pretty tough times, always offering a very helpful perspective and healing. I have always found every session helpful no matter the Issue! A very gifted lady!
— Debbie
I went to a group reading not expecting to get a reading. Thought I would just watch, although I got a wonderful loving reading. I do believe in mediums but had never gone to see anyone from Divine Clarity. My Mom was able to come through and pass on some messages to me that no one but me could have known. The kicker was the special necklace that she was able to tell me about, that just so happened to be with me. Hearing from my Mom brings me peace and happiness. Divine Clarity is an amazing team.
— Christie K. ~ Group Medium Reading
Divine Clarity have the whole package... Personable, welcoming, gifted teachers to assist and walk along side your journey.
— Caroline
I have seen Kristel twice, she is so gifted she has validated that my son is at peace she knew things no one knew. I’m very blessed to have crossed paths with Kristel & will see her again, highly recommend to anyone wanting to connect with loved ones Kristel is the one to go to!
— Sherri D. ~ Medium Reading
I’ve really enjoyed the readings I’ve received. My mom was given closure with her mother and it was unbelievable how much my grandmother has grown spiritually. Thank you for the amazing work you do.
— Kim B. ~ Medium Reading
My reading was exact and a healing blessing. Kristel was very informative as to what may or may not happen during the readings ( it was a group one ) and everyone of us attended were read. Since that reading I have been able to move forward, Kristel is great and compassionate. I am most grateful to have met her and look forward to returning ~ Namaste ~
— Debra S. ~ Medium Reading
I had a reading with Kristel and she was amazing! She was able to give me closure and peace knowing my loved ones are still with me guiding and loving me from the other side! She truly has an remarkable gift and I’m glad she’s able to share it with so many people for the purpose of the greatest good! Thank you Kristel, I plan to see you again soon!
— Christine T. ~ Medium Reading
I had an amazing experience at the Group Reading at the the Viscount Hotel. She was so kind and gentle. She allowed a lot of healing by connecting me with my loved ones!
— Candace M. ~ Group Medium Reading
Wow, Kristel is one of the best mediums I have experienced. She is a very gifted soul that can bring comfort and reality to ones life with the end result being filled with happiness and fulfillment. I have never seen anyone that does not use some sort of tool to help guide them. Kristel is truthful, honest, and only speaks from her heart and no ego involved. I am blessed to have a reading with her and we are all blessed to have someone like Kristel here in Winnipeg.
— Heather T. ~ Medium Reading
Wow. Kristel will be famous someday. Her stage presence is awesome! I watch Long Island medium and I find her as equally appealing and talented!! Kristel did an amazing job.
— Scott ~ Group Medium Reading
Darcy and Kristel are professional yet warm and approachable. I’ve taken several workshops with Divine Clarity as well as utilized their services. Love the online scheduler to make appointments.
— Sara
Thank you for the reading. It felt amazing to know that my deceased loved ones are still with us and that they Love Me! It is crazy how you, Kristel can connect to them and describe them to validate their presence and more specifically their messages to me. Thank you again so much. Big HUGS!
— Jackie S. ~ Medium Reading
I was honoured to attend one of Kristel’s group readings at the Viscount Gort and it was an absolutely amazing experience. She was loving, gentle, kind, considerate, and humorous. She allowed spirit to channel through her while delivering messages that were personalized.
I also have attended workshops and personal sessions with both Darcy and Kristel, and they were all done from their heart - with compassion, gentleness, and pure love and light. I recommend Divine Clarity to anyone who is open to explore Spiritual Development and Healing.
— Giovanna
We saw Kristel for a Medium reading. We found her to be very friendly, informative and understanding. She was very accurate regarding Spirit communications to us, even some we realized later when we arrived back home. We will be going again, and we highly recommend her. The hour was well worth it, but passed so quickly.
— Wes & Jacky ~ Medium Reading
Just experienced my first workshop with Kristel and loved it! The atmosphere was very relaxed, the information was varied and interesting and moved along vey well. Kristel promoted the group to participate, that added with her knowledge made my first experience a great introduction to discovering more about myself and this life...Already booked and excited for my next class!
— Penny
Healer Retreat & Mentorship is a MUST!!! Kristel Kernaghan delivers and teaches amazing information how to be a successful healer. Giving wonderful opportunities of insight for the true healer we all are.
— Heather G. ~ Healer Retreat
I was to see Kristel for an individual reading last January, and I have booked another appointment. I was very hopeful, but went with no expectations. Kristel was able to connect me to my Dad that had passed 6 months earlier and she gave me such strong validation that was him, and also intimate parts of my home and life that she herself would never know. My Mother who had passed away 28 years earlier also came across and she also commented on things that Kristel would never know and only she and I would know. This validation has confirmed my Mom and Dad are with me always in spirit. Thank you for your gift Kristel - it has brought me a great sense of love and peace.
— Janice ~ Medium Reading
Mine and my sister’s mind were absolutely blown. Going for a reading with Kristel was one of the best decisions made in a long time. My sister and I left there feeling so amazing. Not only is Kristel so amazing with her gift, She is so down to earth and had a great personality which make the whole event so comfortable. We already have several friends and family who have booked just from hearing about our experience. We have also rebooked. Thank you so very much Kristel!
— Tara T. ~ Medium Reading
You are so amazing words cannot describe the energy and beauty you put into each and every reading!!
— Pat ~ Group Medium Reading
Thank you so much Kristel! I brought my cousin and hoping she could get some peace and she did. You described my Aunty to the T. My cousin now feels so much better. We will be booking with you in the future. It was beautiful hearing all the messages you gave to others
— Stephanie ~ Group Medium Reading
Thank you so much for such an amazing evening. My son came through and let me know he is okay and happy. It’s the best gift a mother could ask for. You have an amazing gift and thank you again from the bottom of heart!
— Robyn ~ Group Medium Reading
I’ve attended to Divine Clarity on a few occasions over the past 4-5 years, and most recently had a medium reading with Kristel. Not only was she very humble and graceful, she was so very accurate with her messages from a loved one. Thanks for your reading Kristel.
— RPJL ~ Medium Reading
To all who miss their loved ones on the other side. I have taken many courses in how to be a medium and to understand it. But no other validation was more accurate than the Lovely Kristel Kernaghan. Who needs “the long island medium”, we have Winnipeg’s Great Kristel Kernaghan. You will never be disappointed. Acknowledging the people or pets we love and loved on the other side and this lady connecting and giving the right information. She is amazing. My reading was positive accurate and I loved watching others in my group get their messages too, and watching their faces. Some time I hope to have a private reading and really get into my family tree. She is great. All my love and blessings to Kristel and many thanks.
— Annette S.
I just completed my final session of Soul Retrieval with Kristel yesterday. Kristel has helped me tremendously through her work, and my outlook on life in general has changed in a strong positive way! Getting to know her on a personal level was also great, because her personality is wonderfully enlightening and funny. I also just completed the Advanced Theta Healing classes and have learnt an abundance of methods to not only help and heal myself, but others as well. Kristel really knows how to bring out the best in everyone and get them working happily and harmoniously together. I would, and have recommended her to others. I look forward to taking more of her classes and workshops in the future. Bravo to Divine Clarity for the help Kristel and Darcy offer and their enthusiasm.
— Cheryl T. ~ Soul Retrieval
I have been working with Darcy since March 2015. He has brought my life a sense of guidance and he has made it easier for me to deal with chronic illness. His Reiki sessions have calmed me and even brought me a vision of peace, forgiveness, and joy. I have also seen him for Hypnotherapy and found that there are a lot of unconscious blocks I haven’t been addressing in my life. I look forward to having another Hypnotherapy session with him this month to see what other energy blocks I can release. Thank you Darcy for all your support and direction!
— Tasha K. ~ Reiki & Hypnotherapy
Kristel I am very grateful to have been invited to a group reading where I first met you, I live by things happen for a reason... I can not say thank you enough for what you do! I know it’s NOT easy but very rewarding.. the biggest thank you to you and your family. I look forward to meeting with you again very soon... I feel so alive.. beyond grateful xoxoxo.
— Amanda B. ~ Group Medium Reading
Every class or meeting with Kristel amazes me. The reading was making me misty eyes. (Must be the allergies lol) Mom was a bit of a skeptic but the information that came through no one would have known. She is a happier person because of you Kristel. Thank you!
— Kevin G.
I met Darcy for the first time today and am so pleased I have met him for a session of TIme Line Therapy. With his direction I was able to release some situations and emotions that have bothered me for some time. Darcy followed me both attentively and accurately during our session. I certainly would recommend Darcy as he is professional, caring, and very authentic. Thanks Darcy.
— Lori ~ Hypnotherapy
My family recently moved into a new home and we were experiencing some very negative energy and unnerving spirit phenomenon-type things. I stumbled upon the Divine Clarity website in my search to find some help. To make a long story short Darcy and Kristel helped immensely and even after the cleansing they promptly answered some of my questions. This experience has only strengthened my Christian faith, in that I truly believe there are many guides and teachers of different backgrounds such as Kristel and Darcy that will help you get on the right path. I’m sure that I’ll use Divine Clarity’s services again and I highly recommend them!
— Aileen M. ~ Home Cleansing & Blessing
I recently completed the Basic ThetaHealing Workshop with Kristel and can only describe this experience as absolutely amazing! Her ability to move through the material with an incredible breadth of knowledge combined with her easy teaching style instills confidence in the hearts and minds of all who participated. I can honestly say the Basic ThetaHealing Workshop has allowed me to grow in ways I never expected and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this incredible healing modality with others. Thank you Kristel for a most enjoyable, enlightening and truly inspiring workshop. Namaste.
— Dale B. ~ ThetaHealing Workshop
Spirit working in their mysterious ways guided me towards doing the Theta workshop. It wasn’t something I had ever considered. Well I honestly can’t say enough about the weekend. It was amazing, I learnt so much not only about Theta healing but about my own ability to really make a difference through this modality of healing. I would highly recommend it. Krystal is a extremely intelligent, articulate teacher and tailored the course to our group and our needs. I have a practice client soon and I can’t wait to see how impactful it is for both of us, I’m now looking forward to the advanced course . Thank you so much Krystal for opening your home and your time to all of us, it truly was a wonderful experience.
— Kari H. ~ ThetaHealing Workshop
I had the Past Life Regression done through Hypnosis with Darcy. My results were OUTSTANDING! I was able to connect through internet with one of the places I had been in a different life! It was an amazing experience. I then took Reiki Level 1 with Kristel and that too was a very comfortable, beautiful experience. Kristel was born to teach, she made everything clear and fun. They are both so knowledgeable in this field, it’s hard to see anyone else. A true Gem of a couple!
— Sarah
What a wonderful and emotional journey. I can honestly say that my experience with Kristel has profoundly changed and enriched my life. Thank You Kristel for this gift!
— Susan H. ~ Medium Reading
A group of us from work recently had a medium reading with Kristel. For several years I have been a student of Kristels teachings through personal Theta Healing appointments and workshops. I choose Kristel as my teacher for her warmth, humor and giftings in teaching as the results have been life changing and transformational for me. I experienced and witnessed her gifts in a new way the other day when we had the group reading. I can’t find words to explain witnessing her gift and connection to the Divine and her ability to give Evidence to her readers who were seeking answers and a connection to their loved ones. I’ve seen people grow, change and heal through their journey BUT I have never experienced people spontaneously HEAL such grief and loss through a message from a loved one. Not only was it healing for everyone , it connected individuals to the divine and their own soul purpose. It was like watching a caterpillar breakout of a cocoon and transforming into a butterfly.
— Caroline
An amazing experience. Washed away any guilt and cemented my spirituality. It was an overwhelming experience-but in a great way! Very happy I went.
— Jacki ~ Medium Reading
I had my first experience with Kristel today and I’m awestruck at how strongly my Brother came through and how accurately Kristel was able to convey his messages. I know the messages were accurate because his manner of speech and personality were shining through her words and voice. I have been working with a gifted Reiki Master for a few years now, but I’m compelled to step my Journey up and it will be Kristel/Darcy whom I return to. I have booked Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy sessions with Darcy and I’m so looking forward to these experiences!
— Tara ~ Medium Reading
It will be two months this week that I lost my beloved husband to an undiagnosed unknown Brain Aneurism. I wrote a letter the night before with many questions and feelings I was having and Kristel & and my husband answered all the questions and more. I am now more at peace knowing he crossed over and is with with our loved ones. They also reassured me that our souls before even coming into this world had fallen in love and would be together for all eternity! This put my heart at rest knowing he still loves me, and waits for me in the afterlife. I am going to try and do all the things he asked of me and to make him proud. I can’t wait for my next session with Kristel as she truly not only has a gift but a way of putting you at ease. Can not say enough good things about Kristel Kernaghan - Psychic Medium, Minister, Healer, Teacher! This Wonderful Lady has changed my life Forever for the Better.
— Jeff ~ Medium Reading
Past Life Regression with Darcy was such a great experience! Through this I was able to gain insight on valuable lessons learned that benefit my life now. Darcy eased any fears I had surrounding this process and was incredibly professional, patient, and gentle!
— Melissa ~ Past Life Regression
You know the song “I’m Happy”?, well, that is me, more and more and with every new day since I have seen Kristel for Soul Retrieval work, I am gaining ground into becoming ME. Kristel’s tender heart doesn’t stray you away from your own personal truth; she respects your life journey, empowers you with clarity, love and support and knows exactly what is needed at the exact right moment. No holds bar, she’s a loving soul! With much gratitude, YOU ROCK beautiful ONE! Much love and bright smiles.
— Lise ~ Soul Retrieval
Darcy is very warm and makes the experience a great one. I felt very comfortable and left my session with a feeling of completion and understanding and although feeling a little emotional afterwards, I have had time to process my thoughts and now feel great. It all helped to understand life and what’s holding you down. I would tell everyone to try this. It’s a great feeling. Enjoy. Thx Darcy.
— Amanda G.
Today my husband and I had an medium reading with Kristel. She connected us with many of our loved ones and it brought us such comfort knowing that they are always with us. Kristel you are an amazing person and blessed with a beautiful gift. Thank you so much for what you do. God Bless.
— Maria ~ Medium Reading
This was the second time I visited with Kristel for a medium reading and once again - so healing, satisfying and fun. This time there were 10 of us and each of us received some wonderful memories, evidence and/or messages. Thank you Kristel for being who you are and sharing your gift with us.
— Sharon ~ Group Medium Reading
I had my first medium reading with Kristel today. It was a lot of information to absorb but I was amazed at how she was able to zero in on specific qualities of loved ones who have passed. Their communications to me brought me laughter (of which we shared so much in this world) and comfort. It is good to feel them here and to know they are still connected to me. Knowing I am surrounded by so much love fills me with happiness. Life is a journey and the undiscovered path that I took today is one that I would like to travel again.
— Gayle ~ Medium Reading
Amazing experience attending a group medium reading with Kristel. She connected with my father and my husband’s grandfather, and we both received incredible confirmation that our loved ones were indeed coming through, and at peace. It was also a very moving experience to see everyone else in the group have the same emotional and positive experience!
— M.J. ~ Medium Reading
Doing Hypnotherapy is a great healing tool where Darcy is your guide. I was nervous at first, but Darcy’s calm and gentle nature made me feel comfortable. In comparison to other healing modalities, as a client you’re the one navigating the session and shedding light on what needs to be healed, then Darcy gently guides you to heal those areas. I’ve had two successful sessions with him, especially the last one! Three days after working on my fear of success I had a meeting with my boss. He told me that I have what it takes to be a manager in the company and we implemented a plan to get me there! The “static” of fearing success is completely gone and my boss and I are very pleased with my progression! I plan to continue hypnotherapy to compliment my other healing services I receive from Divine Clarity.
— A.M. ~ Hypnotherapy
I had a Theta Healing with Kristel. She was amazing! I would highly recommend her to anybody needing help.
— Laura B. ~ ThetaHealing
Past Life Regression with Darcy was gentle, comfortable, loving, and enlightening. Darcy was supportive throughout the whole process, and it was a fabulous first time experience in this healing modality.
— G.R. ~ Past Life Regression
Since having medium readings done it has bought comfort in my life knowing my Husband is still with us and watching over our family. All that was mentioned confirmed he is with us as no one else would know what happens in our family. Through your readings it has bought understanding and knowing he is fine and no longer ill. It has eased the pain of losing him. I will always be grateful to you for letting me hear what he has to say! Thank you and God bless.
— Bertha ~ Medium Reading
Watching a medium do a reading on TV is one thing, but to be part of one with Kristel is fantastic! You better have a box of tissues nearby.
— P.L. ~ Group Medium Reading
Had a wonderful time at this workshop! I learned so much and feel incredibly blessed to have been able to attend this!
— Lou V.
My husband and I went to a medium reading this week with Kristel and not really knowing what to expect. I have seen Kristel a few times before this and I trusted her and her capabilities but my husband was skeptical. When we were done we felt there was so much validation in the fact that our daughter and loved ones are never very far from us. Kristel is an amazing women and we are thankful for her gift and I would not have one problem what so ever recommending her to anyone. She made our hearts warm, our senses tingle and a wonderful feeling being able to be in touch with our daughters spirit. We thank you.
— Carol ~ Medium Reading
Had a great medium reading with Kristel. She made me feel at ease, and she was also truly touched with the messages I received from my loved ones. I will definitely be booking another reading soon! Thank You!
— Maxine ~ Medium Reading
Kristel’s work is truly divine work. I have seen Kristel for clarity in Theta Healing sessions, that have helped release and resolve intense personal conundrums, connect with spirit guides and angels, and to affirm life purpose and soul mission questions. Her workshops are amazing. Kristel has been a blessing for our family and friends in the highest and best way!
— Stephen A.
I have seen many different psychics in my life and Kristel is most certainly the real deal. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking guidance from the other side.
— Heather B.
I have seen Kristel for many things and participated in many classes. I intend to continue as I find her delivery is always done in a loving way. The medium reading experience was especially an eye opener to many more possibilities than most of us realize! Kristel touched me by the way she delivered her insights and inspired me to achieve and improve my spiritual side and journey. This experience was never scary and delivered gently. I am so grateful and will be continuing with the Divine Clarity experience!
— Judy
Before I went to Kristel I have had medium readings and didn’t really feel validated by them in a way that made me a believer. So when I went to Kristel I was a bit skeptical about them and yet open to receive what ever happened. I was blown away by some of the details she provided that only I would know about. She helped me open my mind even more to the possibilities that this other side really does exist. Since the reading I have found myself being more open to spirit. Kristel has a very nurturing, loving personality which makes the whole experience even more enjoyable, I highly recommend her!
— Lora ~ Medium Reading
I have been truly blessed to meet with Kristel. I have spent my life time seeking and learning about personal growth and our world and where we fit into the divine universe. I have taken many courses from Kristel. Reiki, Theta, IET and most recently Connecting to Spirit. Each course has worked towards deepening my understanding and confidence in my self and my place with in our universe. Kristel has presented me with the ground work to open my song of life. If you are on a journey of discovery be sure to open yourself to the wisdom that comes through Kristel at Divine Clarity.
— Diane S.
Darcy, A big thank you for the wonderful day making drums, everyone enjoyed themselves. Will definitely tell people about your wonderful services!
— Pat ~ Drum Making Workshop
I met with Kristel for a ThetaHealing session and it was an amazing experience. I literally felt lighter after our session! I feel very comfortable around Kristel; she has a very special gift and I’m forever grateful that I met her. During our session she discovered that I used to be very psychically attuned as a child, but it seemed to get me into trouble so I put a cap on it and shut off that gift. This sounded vaguely familiar to me and after talking with my mom I found out that she was right! My dad didn’t like me “making up” such stories and called it a wild imagination. This blockage I created was the cause of my daily headaches and it seems to make perfect sense to me. It has been four days and I haven’t experienced any headaches yet :D That is just a small detail of our empowering session. I will continue to work with Kristel. She is an angel on earth, here to help us and guide us through this matrix of life ;)
— Randi ~ ThetaHealing
I went to my first reading not really knowing what to expect. But I left there completely blown away at how accurate She is. I left there feeling 100% better instantly. I had new found hope and new tools to help make my life way better. I never would have expected that a reading could be so life altering. Kristel came into my life for a reason, and I’m very grateful. I will refer everyone to go see her. I’ve even posted the link on my facebook. I think everyone could benefit from a visit with her. Simply amazing!! Thank you again (((hugs)))
— Tamara
Whenever I am in Kristel’s presence I feel I am in the right place. Both in healing sessions and in workshop settings, I feel safe being completely open with her, and excited about the insights I am sure to experience. Kristel is a confident, inspiring teacher, with a sense of humour and a little irreverence that allow for laughter, even doing really deep work. If you ever feel guided to work with Kristel, I recommend it. My experiences with her have always been enlightening. (And as for our last session, Kristel, thank you! “I can see clearly now...” — imagine really gorgeous singing voice. All is well, for sure.
— Robin
Kristel is an amazing person! She has taught me 3 levels of Reiki and I feel very blessed. Thank you!
— Delia
Dear Kristel, Thank-you very much for the accurate reading. The word “Mystic” that my dad gave you last night was related to the Joe Cocker songs he wanted me to listen on youtube today. He sang You’re Are So Beautiful To Me telepathically this morning, and then while I was watching a live concert of Joe Cocker, the “Mystic” song Joe Cocker sings came on. It related to my Gypsy Soul traveling the world alone as I do in search of another life and my “compatible soulmate” you mentioned. By what you said in your reading, about seeing me on boats, I know where next to travel to this spring and summer. You intuited what my deceased father told you to confirm to me about where I knew I wanted to travel to next. Thank-you very much! Your reading already started to come true today!
— Rosamaria ~ Medium Reading
I’ve taken a course with Kristel and found her to be very passionate about her teachings. She was great at explaining and helping her students feel comfortable. I have also have the fortunate experience to have private counseling. Kristel is very patient, guiding spirit.
— C.M.
Kristel has helped me shift my negative thoughts to positive ones through Thetahealing. I have learned so much and have grown spiritually since I’ve met her. Thetahealing has helped me realize, I’m responsible for my own happiness. She is such a positive roll model and I’m so blessed I have her in my life!
— Lyne H.
I went to see Kristel in December of 2012 for a Reiki session that I thought would help me shed some of the anger and hurt over my broken marriage. To my amazement, I left that day on a new journey to heal pain around my father’s death (13 Years before that), and then continued with Theta Healing to release many other ruts and blocks in my life. Today I am a certified Theta Healer and Integrated Energy Therapist and I am so peaceful and happy everyday. Kristel’s work has brought great awareness to my emotions and feelings as well as allowing me to recognize how to follow my own intuition. I promise that you will be changed in every positive way after seeing Kristel.
— Bethany B.
I am trained in many healing modalities and feel ThetaHealing is by far the most advanced and expansive! It helped me understand the Spiritual realms, and increased my intuition phenomenally! It can be used with and enhances all other healing modalities! If you are looking for an amazing way to create positive change in your life, look no further!
— D.T.
I have been to Kristel a couple of times for Theta Healing. This time I came to her with fear and negativity about a recent health issue. Kristel put me in a peaceful state, explained things to me in a way that made sense and was relevant to my emotions. And after following with some Theta Healing and my first Reiki treatment, I went home and fell asleep in a deep an peaceful state, for the whole night! I woke up feeling rested and at peace, in fact, I would have loved to stay in bed and sleep longer, but work beckoned. I now too, have some positive self talk tools to help me through those panicky moments. Thanks again Kristel for the understanding and help. See you soon!
— Chris C.
Kristel provided a calming and healing medium reading for myself and my daughter. We recently lost our 14 year old daughter/sister to cancer and we wanted to try and connect with her spirit through Kristel. Undeniably, Kristel was able to provide validation that in fact, our loved one’s spirit is still alive and it assured us that “we truly do not die, we just cross over. What Kristel relayed to us from the “other side” are facts that only we would know. This was validation that our dear loved one was only a thought away. I highly encourage anyone that is going through a grieving process of losing a loved one, to seek out the services of Rev. Kristel. It truly helped us cope. Thank you so very much. xo
— Dana H. ~ Medium Reading
I wanted to write you and tell you that in the best way possible, you were right! The last time I saw you (April) you saw a child beside me (a girl) but not yet in me, you said you felt that I would be pregnant in November. I have to say as the month drew to an end, we were tired of our journey after almost three years of trying. We had decided to stop trying. We had lost faith. On November 28th I took a test and it showed a glowing positive!! I am right now 5 weeks pregnant. I feel wonderfully sick and incredibly happy! Your vision was incredible and I am just blown away. Truly and wonderfully blown away. Thank you so much!
— K.P.
As my son and I operate the Body Mind Spirit Show, we have been blessed to share our venue with like minded people who have a message. They speak from the heart. Rev. Kristel Kernaghan is not only one of those people, she is the poster child of what we are trying to embrace in our event. The beauty of a true speaker, is the way they can weave a message into the crowd, and all present feel it was just for them. And maybe it was. Why else where they there and the speaker saying just what you needed to hear. God gave us many gifts of Gratitude. Rev. Kristel Kernaghan is one of those gifts. Take the time if you have the opportunity, and go and listen.
— Dale S.
Darcy is a wonderful Reiki practitioner and I am so thankful that I was able to receive such a gentle, healing session with him. I highly recommend his services.
— Nicolette R. ~ Reiki
As a person who been in the Holistic field of healing and assisting others, I accepted the opportunity to treat myself to the Healing talents of Kristel . My thoughts were what can she do for me that I “should” be able to do for myself. With one of 5 Soul Retrieval appointments completed, I have already witnessed the immediate shift in myself and my family. As the anticipation of my next appointment draws closer, I asked myself have I found the answer to my “homework”? And the answer is Yes. Yet, now what? As I question my soul’s journey, I am aware that this experience is all a part of a process. One answer is not The answer. My identity responds to the awareness of how safe I am in releasing and reestablishing a more united sense of my Self in the presence of a trusted adviser. I thank Kristel for the kindness and compassion in how she recognizes the “Story” is just as important as the cure and the patience to allow the process to unfold in the way it is meant to. In Gratitude.
— Cynthia J.
Hi I’ve taken 3 courses of Kristel’s and each time is such an amazing experience. I have had so much growth opportunities as a result. I have done many things for personal growth over the years and by far this Theta Healing has extraordinary capabilities. I’m just learning of course! And most recently I had a session with Kristel, and within one hour, she had been able to do an amazing reading of my situation and helped me progress through a number of things. Kristel has amazing gifts, she has chosen to share with others, I highly recommend her and her business! Thanks so much.
— Lea
After my first Theta healing session, I felt so calm and relaxed —there was a wonderful positive feeling that stayed with me for some time afterwards. Very strange - my hands, palms, were so hot when I left - almost burning, but not really -this palm hotness stayed with me for a couple of hours. Found this strange and really surprising in a good way! Loved this session - will have to have more.
— Nadia S. ~ ThetaHealing
Kristel has been a large part of my personal journey and has helped assist me as I came into alignment with my path. From taking the Alliance of Divine Love Ministry training, Reiki and Thetahealing® to visiting her for a Soul Retrieval, Kristel has proved to be gifted teacher and healer that truly works from the heart.
— Rev. Sheri Boyce
The ADL spiritual development and ministerial program, taught by Kristel, was an amazing journey of the heart. Kristel provided a wonderful supportive atmosphere where each student could express their personal “aha” moments and grow with unconditional love and support. I am grateful for this experience.
— Rev. Laura Bean
I have been manifesting a teacher/mentor to assist me in my journey. Attended the basic workshop this past weekend which was an enlightening eye opener. Kristel is a “POWERHOUSE” of universal knowledge and patient teacher. I am very much looking forward to the Advanced Theta Class in July. Thank You Kristel Kernaghan for all you do to help mankind find their purpose in ALL THAT IS . . . with understanding, compassion, gratitude, and LOVE.
— Yvonne
Kristel is very genuine, and has very positive energy. I have taken workshops and attended healing sessions, both of which I have found to be very helpful. Whether for workshops or healing, I would definitely recommend Kristel to anyone.
— Nichole G.
As I grow as a healer, I find more stuff to clear! Kristel helps to dig deeper to remove these walls or debris that I may not see or able to clear myself... She is always encouraging & motivating me to expand my horizon as a healer too... She’s a beautiful earth angel that I count amongst my many blessings. xoxo
— Tanya
Kristel has such a gentle ease and grace with which she shares information - as a student you feel fully supported, embraced and loved - and this natural beauty inspires me to share with others in such a gentle, loving, caring manner. I am so humbly honored to share energy with this remarkable woman and thank Creator for guiding me to her loving light. Your beauty shines like a thousand stars Kristel...thank you for being YOU!!
— Nicolette R.
I’ve been dealing with weight issues for some time now, and - regardless of what was tried - I just wasn’t getting anywhere. Through an interesting twist my search lead me to Kristel... Now I am a much different person than the shell of the girl who walked through her door! I’ve taken many of her classes, had ThetaHealing sessions, and the changes in my life have been absolutely profound. It has been an exceptionally moving and rewarding experience. I routinely refer my patients to her now! Becoming a Certified ThetaHealer has made such an incredible difference in my life. The workshops are jam-packed with knowledge and key information! If you think you may be “your own worst enemy”, or maybe you are sabotaging your own abundance from flowing into your life - I HIGHLY recommend Kristel’s healing sessions and workshops! Thank you, Kristel.
— Liana B.
Sending huge love through to Kristel Kernaghan for her lifelong devotion, and for sharing it with us this weekend in the Theta Healing workshop....so good, so far-reaching!
— Beth M.
Who would have thought that my path to Kristel would start from Cancun Mexico! A friend of a friend is the one who told me about Kristel. My sessions with her were beyond what I ever expected! No matter what is divinely shared or discussed Kristel always encourages you to follow your own intuition (talk about empowerment!). The theta workshops have opened up my mind and heart and is paving the way for me to work with them harmoniously. These workshops, along with others awakens you to see that we are all connected by the unconditional love of the creator of all there is. I have so much gratitude for Kristel joining me on my journey and as well as all the new friends I’ve made along the way. Many blessings.
— Asha
Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for Kristel’s work. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home cleansing/blessing.
— Mariusz K.
I met Kristel in a Theta workshop. Her insights were inspiring and engaging to me. I traveled from the USA all the way to her home in Canada to have some childhood trauma cleared. It cleared in a matter of minutes (and there were some deep hooks). The 30 years of therapy didn’t really work, but Theta Healing really did. I am now on the co-creation path with Creator. Thank you, Kristel!
— Linda
I am very much in gratitude for meeting Kristel. I have had sessions as well as workshops with her. In both situations I was truly impressed with her professionalism and presence. Kristel is a down to earth woman with a big heart. The moment you meet Kristel you cannot help but feel at home. She is a wonderful ally to have.
— Tiffany S.
Kristel is amazing! I highly recommend taking her workshops and seeing her for personal sessions! Her knowledge, gifts and training will change your life!!
— Jasmine
Kristel has done some amazing theta healing with me. She is so intuitive that the issues just glide away. She’s helped clear grief, pain, and self-sabotage. In her class, The Angelic Realm, I learned how to listen to messages from the angels. Thank you, Kristel, for sharing your special gifts.
— Carol C.
Have taken many workshops with Kristel as well as have had a home cleansing and various healing experiences also. She is kind, loving and gentle. She is working from the right place..the heart and it is evident in everything that she does. She walks the walk and has made a difference to our lives. I recommend her services every chance I get, as I do with any practitioner that does exceptional work. Thanks Kristel I really appreciate you, you make a difference!
— Nancy
just wanted to thank you again for the Connecting to Spirit Workshop!. It was an amazing experience. It was exactly what I needed. You’re a wonderful teacher; it’s easy to learn from you. Thanks again!
— Crystal
The universe lead me on my journey to Kristel through a professional friend. It was impeccable timing in my life as I’ve been fortunate to attend reiki and the Connecting to Spirit workshop with Kristel. She has a gift that she uses to help people on their life’s journey and I can’t wait to attend her other workshops. During our first reiki session, I learned more about myslef than I had hoped to. It was by no mistake that our paths have crossed. Thanks Kristel!
— Rich
I have been seeing Kristel for theta healing and have found it to be a life changing experience. Big issues i have been working on for years and years in therapy i was able to let go in a single session. Beliefs I never discovered in years of therapy were clarified in a matter of minutes. I can’t even begin to express how meaningful and helpful this process has been for me. I’ve also experienced the Connecting To Spirit workshop with Kristel which i found to be mind blowing!!! I learned so much but also found that the workshop was a perfect balance of information and experiential exercises so we could practice what we were learning! Was truly a game changer!!! Thanks Kristel!
— Sarah
From the moment I met Kristel, I immediately felt comfortable. She is a warm, caring, loving soul. I went to her for a reading, which was very accurate and helpful for me, and we ended the session with reiki/cord cutting. I had some wild dreams that night and woke up with physically feeling the wasps (from my dream) leaving my back. I have felt completely different from that day on. I feel freer, more grounded, calmer, stronger and more confident, and more present and living in the moment. Thank You so much Kristel! I will definitely be making another appointment when I get back from my trip!
— Jen T.
I cannot say thank you enough to Kristel for cleansing our home. The difference has been obvious and amazing! Everything feels lighter, safer, and the home just feels so warm and full of positive energy. I am no longer scared to go into certain rooms, and no longer worry about having more strange occurrences and happenings. I will definitely be using more of her services after this incredible experience!
— Melissa ~ Home Cleansing & Blessing
I’m so happy I don’t know where to start. I just had my first Soul Retrieval last night and I would have never imagined I would feel the way I do today. When I first went to my session we talked quite a bit first and I wasn’t in the best of moods, I was in a bit of a negative place and feeling discouraged with my journey. So to feel the way I do today is really a miracle for me. I had an excellent sleep and I just feel happy today. I can’t explain it but everything just feels awesome inside of me. I feel like everything is going to be ok, I mean more than ok, I feel so alive. I still have more sessions to go and I can hardly wait to see what else will happen. My journey has a whole new spark to it. Thank you Kristel for being such an incredible guide for me, you have given me a whole new hope for my health and well being. You Rock!
— L.O. ~ Soul Retrieval
Kristel did a cleansing at my home and my business. She knows what she is doing and what she is talking about. I especially like hearing the advice she has to give. After the cleansing was done, my house and business felt a lot lighter. I would highly recommend having this done. Thanks Kristel!
— Somsomay ~ Home Cleansing & Blessing
Kristel is an amazing teacher! If you’re looking to help heal yourself or others, I highly recommend taking the Reiki courses... truly an amazing experience that you will walk away from forever changed.
— Tracy
It’s funny, I don’t consider myself to be a very spiritual man. I found Kristel initially for the purpose of business. Now I hope to always have her in my life as I am better for having known her. She is truly amazing, genuine and gifted.
— Jamie
I first went to Kristel for help because I was blocked on all levels. One step at a time she enabled me to release fear that was interfering with my moving on with my life. She even dared to give me homework! As the healing occurred I found out first hand how gifted she is in her healing abilities. The first time I met Kristel, I noticed the beautiful light of her eyes. They reflect her sincerity and straight forwardness. There are no “airs” about Kristel...what you see is what you get. She does not refer to the successes or miraculous healings of other clients. She does not need to as she is very comfortable in knowing who she is and her purpose. I am very grateful and impressed with the healing that I received from Kristel. She is a healer to which all healers aspire: sincere, effective, compassionate and generous.
— Beatriz G.
Kristel is a beautiful soul, radiating. Take her courses or receive healing or readings.
— Jodie
Kristel is a gifted healer and a clear channel. I absolutely loved my reading and I thank you for helping me to find my path in a time of much confusion.
— Anna
Kristel is an endless source of inspiration and love! Not only has she given me the information and tools on how to transform my life, but has shown me how to use them as well. She is a wonderful guide to have on a difficult spiritual journey and is able to illuminate any seemingly dark situation. She has truly changed my life!
— Neal
When I met Kristel I knew she would have a special impact in my life, but at that time of my life I wasn’t ready to accept the light and love that radiates from her. It took me about 2 1/2 years to truly be ready to accept her gifts and love. So far, I have had a Thetahealing session and have attended the connecting with spirit workshop. Both have been very important in my spiritual journey. With Kristel’s help I now understand why I was feeling blocked and will continue to see Kristel for sessions and future workshops. I have already signed up for the Light and Love workshop and have recommended it to a friend of mine! Kristel is an amazing and beautiful gifted soul and I look forward to future experiences with her!
— Christine
I have taken Reiki 1 and 2 with Kristel. Not only are her classes successful but she is willing to share how to become a spiritual success within youself, which gives you a true look at Kristel’s amazing gifts. Being in Kristel’s class she definitly “tapped” into my weaknesses and worked on them with me, to help remove blocks within myself, or just to point me in the right direction. I would recommend her classes to anyone in a heartbeat. She is an inspiration to all! Thank you Kristel!
— Karly ~ Reiki Workshops
I’m so glad that I was referred to Kristel by my sister. But at that time, I wasn’t troubled. But when in my time of need, I was guided to Kristel. I was in desperate need to clear “the fog”. I was full of negative feelings, like fear, stress, worry, helplessness, etc. I didn’t know what to do with myself, I felt somewhat defeated in life. I knew it was time for me to seek help on a higher level. That’s when I contacted Kristel. I went to see her for a reiki session, it was great! I went in with no expectations. I just went in, thinking I would be more relaxed after. But she went above and beyond. She actually taught me more about myself, that I didn’t realize I was ignoring. And it helped open my eyes and self to accept me more. I felt more balanced, happier, more positive, and hopeful, and I’m stilI learning everyday. I’m so grateful for Kristel, and glad we’ve been able to build a friendship since. Thank you Kristel for sharing your gift, you are truly a great soul.
— Jennie
I took Reiki level 1 & 2. I learned so much and am so grateful to now have Reiki so that I can help others and myself. Kristel is great! She is so open and loving. She makes you feel at home. You can say what you feel and it’s always okay. She is willing to teach you everything she knows in the workshops she offers as well as in life and guide you through anything you may be going through at the time without hesitation. Kristel never makes you feel like she’s the teacher and that she’s better than you because of it. That’s always a cool feeling. I am very grateful Kristel has come into my life and grateful that I am learning so much from her. Words could not truly express my gratitude!! I think that anything Kristel offers, whether it be her help, advice, various services or workshops on various subjects is truly worth it!! :)
— Somsomay
I began seeing Kristel awhile ago when I started beginning to explore my own spiritual beliefs. My first reiki session was a very moving experience, and I was amazed at the reaction I had, physically as well as emotionally! As I continued to see Kristel for reiki, counselling, and reading, and one of her workshops, I have been impressed with her sensitivity and genuine skill. She has helped to sort out some very important questions and issues in my life! I was recently diagnosed with cancer, and as well as being there for me as a friend, Kristel has continued to help me with love and prayer. I am very grateful to have her in my life!
— Joanne
If you want to feel a touch of heaven, take a step in Kristel`s direction! If you need to hear an Angel`s voice of guidance, have an angel card reading. If you need a healing touch from above, have a Reiki session full of love. If you want to carry her heavenly energy and insights, be sure to purchase many items she is inspired to create. Her workshops are amazing if one is looking for inner growth and inspiration! I have experienced all the services Kristel offers and have had profound results!
— Colleen
I went to Kristel when I was at a crossroad in life. I wasn’t sure where I was going, what I was doing and I needed a higher level of guidance. Kristel was able to give me readings with Angel cards and stones, which have guided me to choose the right path in life. Once I started following Kristel’s messages from the Angels, the path of least resistance emerged and shone brightly for me. Whenever I start to stumble or need to get back on track a session with Kristel always leaves me cleansed, refreshed and refocused. I also attended her workshop Connecting to Spirit which was amazing! I appreciate Kristel’s tact and professionalism and would highly recommend a session or workshop with her!
— Sara
One morning I was awakened to the sound of my dog vomiting, but to my anguish it was pure blood coming out. I phoned the vet right away. As my fiancée took Zen to the vet, I immediately contacted Kristel. Not only is she a healer, but she has a Vet assistant background as well. I told her what was going on and she immediately started distant healing. She was a great support to me and the vet said he had never seen any dog recover from a pancreatitis so quickly and so well. My Zen is 9 years old and he is a big puppy so his recovery is even more special. I truly believe that if Kristel would not have started working on him so quickly, he wouldn’t be here today! I am very grateful to her! She understands that healing is for everyone, even puppies!
— Cherie
When I first went to see Kristel for a reiki session I was feeling overwhelmed with worry and anxiety (a great deal was work stress). I was having trouble relaxing and suffering from insomnia. I felt as though I was ready to lose my mind. I went to Kristel as a last resort; I would have gone to see my general practitioner who probably would have prescribed meds if things hadn’t improved. After the 1st reiki session I felt immediate relief. It was amazing. Not only do I continue to feel grounded but I also feel (and have seen) a shift in a very positive direction in my life. I was struggling with which path to take in terms of career etc. I was scared to initiate a change and felt insecure as to how that might affect my future. The door has opened to new beginnings. I can testify that Kristel is truly gifted. I highly recommend her unique services.
— Amber
had cyst and sharp pains constantly and tried Kristel for reiki session. After once session the pains went away, I now live 6 hours away but still use reiki every few months to keep my body in tune. This also helps my stress and helps me to relax. Try it you will see the difference, thank you Kristel!
— Natalie
I saw Kristel last week and she is the real deal! She came out with loved ones with things she could not just make up! I was able to confirm three things the next day that I did not know at the time! I would love to go see her again!
— Erin ~ Medium Reading
This place is so uplifting. The staff here are on a high vibrational level and you can’t help but leave the place feeling inspired. I’ve had several readings with Kristel now, and she’s always spot on. If I could give this place 10 stars I would.
— -Melissa Smith: Google Review
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