Home Cleansing & Blessing



Energy can be felt and is often referred to as a vibe or atmosphere. Everything in this world is made up of, and absorbs, energy including your home, business, belongings, jewelry, etc. Through time these places and items can become full and need an energetic cleansing. This occurs from thoughts, emotions, and energy of current and past owners, and visitors. When the energy within a home or business gets too thick and/or negative it can be detrimental to your health, relationships, finances, pets, and more. 

It is beneficial to do a spiritual cleansing and blessing when:

  • When you don't feel like yourself. 
  • When you first move into a new home.
  • When opening a new business.
  • Before moving out of a home to help ease the transition.
  • After a long illness, or periodically during a chronic illness.
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable or nervous in your space.
  • If electronics or pets are acting erratic. 
  • If you have been having a lot of hard luck, depression or mood swings.
  • During transitional periods in your life.
  • To help sell or rent real estate.
  • After a death, divorce or relationship change.
  • When you have purchased or inherited used items.
  • When you wish to open the door to new opportunities.

Home cleansing takes approx. 30-75 minutes depending on the home. We go through each and every room and energetically cleanse it of all negative thoughts, feelings, energies, and entities using various techniques. We use a custom cleansing smudge blend created based on your needs. This blend contains over 18 different herbs, resins, and oils so your home smells nice and fresh. We then perform a blessing to bring in more abundance, love, good health, and happiness.  We will also leave a variety of charged stones (valued at approx. $50) throughout your home and energetically grid them. Clients who have had their homes cleansed are much happier, sleep better, have improved health, relationships, and abundance. We will leave you with the balance of the smudge blend to cleanse yourself, family members or the home or business in the future.   

A business cleansing and blessings takes approx. 60-90 minutes depending on the building.

PLEASE NOTE:  As there is no time and space in the energy world, your home can be cleansed long distance. When booking a long distance appointment we will contact you to obtain detailed information about your home.