Divine Clarity Services

Divine Clarity offers a wide variety of services for Positive Transformation, Healing & Growth!

We assist people to:

  • Achieve a greater level of health and well-being on all levels, Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Heal physical conditions and dis-ease
  • Resolve traumas and emotional issues
  • Release fears and phobias
  • Free yourself from habits and addictions
  • Create wealth and abundance
  • Uncover your life purpose and align with it
  • Tap into creativity and inspiration
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop fulfilling and harmonious relationships
  • Achieve personal freedom
  • Manifest your dreams
  • Find your most compatible soul mate
  • Develop your psychic and intuitive abilities
  • Deepen your spiritual connection
  • Connect with Angels, Guides, Power Animals and loved ones in Spirit
  • Weddings, Blessings, Funerals, and Celebrations of Life
  • Increase business productivity through the power of positivity and manifesting
  • And much more!




How is your Energy?

Divine Clarity offers clients the technology to accurately and quickly assess one’s energy and life force in real time!  One can come for a basic checkup, or an in-depth review of what areas (43 to be specific) are energetically balanced, or depleted, and learn ways to heal and increase their energy.


The Biopulsar is a multimedia imaging system using a biofeedback measuring device that is based on Eastern and Western alternative energy and medical science. According to alternative medicine studies, the reflex-zones give out an energy state and the tendencies of the internal organs and the psyche. By placing your right hand on the sensor, it only takes 1 to 2 minutes for the electronic measuring sensors to receive the exact vitality in more than 49 organ zones. The presentation of the body reflex-zones that are read by the hand sensor are displayed in different formats: dynamic biofeedback graphs of different organs in real time, dynamic total body aura, the organ aura, and the chakra activity.

In reflexology therapy, certain parts of the hand have an energetic link to the organs of the body. The individual zones on the hand are connected not only with the body organs and the consciousness, but also with colour and the energy centers. The organs possess a consciousness and they react on our thoughts and emotions. This consciousness is stored in every cell of the body. Emotional memories and feelings seem to live within specific parts of the body.

By incorporating the Biopulsar into your lifestyle, we are confident that you will contribute greatly to your health. It is a proactive move towards reducing stress and strain on our overburdened mind and body. The Biopulsar's method of measuring is fast, accurate, informative and colorful!

We use the system to check the energy/chi flow throughout the body, the organ systems, and the chakras.  This shows us which areas are craving more energy flow, and which are sucking up the energy in your body. 

We use the system to analyze and interpret a client’s auric field.  This gives us great insight into not only the physical concerns that may be developing, or have already developed, but also gives us insight into the psycho-spiritual aspects of the condition a client is in.  Essentially – this allows us to understand a client’s body’s messages and give it what it needs and wants to reach its optimal potential. 



1) Basic Aura & Chakra Picture: 

  • Includes two full color 8x10 pictures, one of your full body aura and the other of your seven main chakra system. 
  • Includes a handout explaining the different colours of the aura, and values of the chakra levels.
  • Can usually be done at any time by stopping by our Metaphysical Shoppe.  They can also be booked online to be added to a session. Can also be added onto a healing session to be done before and after to see the effectiveness of energy healing.


2) In-Depth Aura & Chakra Report:

  • Includes two full color 8x10 pictures, one of your full body Aura and the other of your seven main Chakra system. 
  • A thorough look and discussion of 43 different organs and the level of energy flow within them.
  • 7 main chakras and a consultation including a wellness plan to help increase your energy flow.
  • Includes a 40-page handout explaining all of the areas reviewed, and detailed personalized information on ways you can improve your energy through making positive life changes.  This can include specific exercises, nutrition, colour therapy, aromatherapy, stones to carry, mediation, Reiki and other holistic and spiritual therapies. 
  • An in-depth report takes approximately 45 minutes so an appointment needs to be scheduled online at www.divineclarity.fullslate.com or call 204-223-8778 to book. 
  • We can keep and track your report so you can come by another time for a quick check up or another full report to see the positive progress you are making!


Medium Readings are to connect with loved ones (human or animals) in the Spirit World.  As an Evidential Psychic Medium, Kristel will connect with your loved ones in spirit and provide validating messages to confirm it is them by sharing their personalities and characteristics, bringing up past memories, talking about your past or current events to confirm they are still with you, and any other information they feel will validate their existence and connection to you. 

Usually your loved ones are as eager as you are to connect, however it is important to know that Kristel cannot guarantee who comes through, or what information they provide, so it is important to be open minded.  Trust whomever comes though, and the messages given are in the highest and best and are divinely timed for optimal healing and growth. 


Individual Readings:  On average for individual sessions Kristel will channel 4-7 spirits.  This will be a very interactive reading.  You can record the session with your phone or recorder.  

Group Readings:  All groups are done with everyone in the same room for the duration of the reading.  Kristel is usually able to give everyone in the group a reading, however it can not be guaranteed, especially in larger groups. Once a group is booked it is requested you don't lower the amount of people attending.  Kristel does not offer readings in personal homes, all readings are done at Divine Clarity or professional venues.  To book a larger group reading than 12 people please contact us.  Join our website to learn about upcoming public Group Medium Readings.

Healing Services


Hypnosis is an altered and heightened state of awareness that is sometimes referred to as a trance state.  People commonly slip in and out of trance states throughout the day, for example, when you daydream, and when you are at your most relaxed and comfortable.   This is often when the best ideas 'pop' into your mind and one taps into intuition and the 'flow' of life. 

There are two main parts to the mind, the conscious and the unconscious:

1.     The Conscious mind is when you are aware and in the present.  It's the part of your mind that reasons, and makes decisions. It acts as a filter to thoughts and suggestions, deciding whether to keep them in the forefront of your mind, dismiss them altogether, or put them 'on hold' and sent to the unconscious where it is filed away.

2.     The Unconscious mind is a container for your thoughts and feelings. Amongst other things, it houses all the information your conscious gives it to store, like memories, the energy of trauma, and things it can't deal with immediately. 

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to gain access to the unconscious mind so that it can find solutions to issues that the conscious mind has been unable to deal with. For example, if you have a fear or phobia, or are depressed or lack confidence, this is most likely due to an experience that happened earlier in your life. This may not have been anything really bad, but in the moment you viewed it in a certain way or didn't understand and stored it for later. You might have forgotten all about it, but whatever it was has kept you running on a program (such as "I'm never good enough") throughout your life, and so certain situations and events will trigger a reaction from you. One of the huge advantages of hypnotherapy is that it can usually get to the root of the problem and sort it out very quickly!

Another benefit is that whilst in hypnosis, your subconscious is very receptive to positive suggestions. Therefore, your therapist can help you re-frame the way you think and feel about things in life and replace negativity with thoughts and feelings that are more advantageous to you.

What to expect from Hypnotherapy?

Darcy will explain everything to you during the first session, so that you will know what to expect. We will discuss your problem, then assist you into hypnosis. You may not even realize that you are in hypnosis, but when you come out you will know, because you will feel so relaxed. In fact, many people have said that it is the best relaxation they have ever had!   While under hypnosis together we'll gently search into your past to help you find information to help you to understand why you have the 'problem'. Then as you relax and let go of the things that are anchoring you there, you'll be able to put these experiences into perspective and put them behind you with ease and grace.

During all hypnotherapy treatments you will be aware of everything going on around you, and you'll easily be able to talk and interact with Darcy. You cannot be made to do or say anything that your subconscious does not want you to. This is because any suggestions that do not fit with your own values or sense of personal well being will be rejected by your unconscious mind. Furthermore, you are in control, because you can come out of hypnosis whenever you want, just open your eyes!

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to deal with many emotional and anxiety-related issues, such as those listed below. 

  • Abuse
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Behavioural changes
  • Buried memories
  • Childhood issues
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Exam nerves
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Guilt
  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem
  • Motivation
  • Obsessions
  • Panic attacks
  • Public speaking
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stress reduction
  • Trauma
  • Weight issues

Hypnotherapy can also assist you in preparing for important events such as exams, public speaking and child birth.  Many issues can be resolved in one to three sessions, depending on the issue.  Hypnotherapy enables you to deal with your own mental challenges and blocks, so that you can build on your strengths and take control of your life!  Learn more including FAQ here.


A Past Life Regression Hypnosis session will help you to uncover the most fascinating parts of who you are.  It can assist in understanding fears, phobias, obsessions, depression, relationship problems, and more. 

During a Past Life Regression session, Darcy will gently guide you into a hypnotic state, then back through this life, past your birth, and then further back into a past live(s). You will be guided to the point of origin that an issue or program first came from and, with direction, be able to clear and heal it on a very deep level.  The healing and forgiveness is then brought forth into one's present life to create more love, peace and happiness going forward.

One doesn't have to consciously believe in past lives for a Past Life Regression session to be beneficial.  It is through the hypnotic state that you are brought deep down into your psyche to uncover and unravel the memories you carry of past lives.  The experience of Past Life Regression can feel like a dream, where the client observes the events unfolding, but also may see, hear, and feel what is happening.   During the regression the client is always safe and in control. 

Past Life Regression sessions can also assist you in understanding soul lessons and connections with others. In fact, often clients will recognize a family member or friend even though they will be in a totally different body, and be aware of the connection or lessons involved.   A beautiful, enchanting and healing experience!  


We are powerful co-creators of our lives!  Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs shape and create our reality!  


We are essentially organic computers riddled with programs and belief systems.  Your subconscious mind is 88-90% of what is running your day to day thoughts and actions, while your conscious mind is only 10-12%.  Many are totally unaware as to the programs and belief systems that are in their subconscious.   ThetaHealing is a powerful healing technique that is used to reprogram the unconscious mind and your DNA -- identifying and unblocking belief systems that are blocking your path to wellness and replaces them with positive beliefs. 

Many have beliefs such as: 

  • I must suffer to grow
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • I am unlovable
  • Life is hard
  • Must be poor to be close to God
  • If it is too good to be true, it is
  • I have to be perfect to be loved

And the list goes on and on... These beliefs can interfere with all aspects of our lives and block us from achieving the life we truly want. 

What are the 4 Levels of Beliefs?

1.    Core: These are beliefs from childhood. Most of our "programming" is internalized in the first few years of life. Beliefs can come from teaching from our parents, teachers, family members and friends, from things that happened to us, things we saw and heard.

2.    Genetic: These are the beliefs that are passed down through generations through the morphogenetic energy field around your DNA.  Epigenetics

3.    History: These are the beliefs we carry with us from previous lifetimes. Sometimes they can include oaths, vows, contracts and other obligations (all levels can include these as well). This belief level also pertains to the beliefs that our unconscious internalizes from the collective unconscious (Society).

4.    Soul: This is the entirety of who you are. Beliefs held on the soul level are beliefs that have become so pervasive in your experience that they encompass the deep level of the soul.

Often we are not aware of these beliefs we carry as they reside in our subconscious mind.  They are not really who we are, they are just ideas and beliefs we have taken on as the truth.  The subconscious mind actually lives in every cell of our bodies and makes up approximately 88% of you.  Science has discovered that it's not so much what DNA we have that controls our bodies, but our consciousness, which activate or deactivate the DNA that is already there with the messages it sends to the cells.  We are all co-creators of our lives!


Together, we identify any limiting subconscious beliefs you may have through muscle testing of your body.  Our bodies exist in an electromagnetic field. Therefore, when we say a statement that is true to your subconscious such as "I am a woman/man," the electromagnetic charge of our field strengthens, which causes our muscles to strengthen. When we say a statement that is false, such as, "I am a butterfly", our field goes weak, and so do our muscles. During a session, the practitioner will ask the client to say certain phrases, such as "I deserve abundance", and test the muscle strength to determine if the client believes the phrase is true or false.  Usually muscle testing is done with the hands or shoulders.

Whether you seek to transform your health, your finances, your relationships or your spirituality, ThetaHealing is a fast and easy way to make permanent, lasting, and effective changes in your life!  

ThetaHealing Techniques: 

  • Unconditional Love Healings
  • Physical Healing
  • Angel Readings
  • Seeing inside the body, communicating with the body
  • Future Readings
  • Downloading of feelings and teachings from the Creator
  • Communicating with ALL the planes of existence, through the 7th Plane of Existence
  • Belief changes on all 4 Levels of Beliefs
  • Resolving resentments
  • Resolving oaths, vows, contracts, and other obligations
  • Clearing of one's space and environment
  • Charging inanimate matter with a certain consciousness
  • Manifestation for more abundance and happiness
  • DNA activation
  • Gene replacement
  • Helping wayward spirits and other earth bound entities ascend into Creator's light
  • Living with more and more 7th Plane Consciousness each day
  • Attracting a compatible soul mate and keeping them
  • Getting in rhythm with your body, mind and soul


Reiki is a natural, simple, safe, effective healing system that uses universal life energy, the energy which permeates our entire universe and all living things. 

Reiki is a holistic healing system, it addresses the whole person: 

  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
  • Helps in relieving pain.
  • Aids in healing every known physical and mental illness.
  • Works on the symptoms and their deeper cause.
  • Relieves stress and increases relaxation.
  • Balances and harmonizes the function of glands and organs.
  • Clears energy blockages and suppressed emotions.
  • Balances the chakras.
  • Works well with traditional medicine and improves its results.
  • Provides limitless benefits of spiritual growth and increases intuition.

The benefits of Reiki are not limited to healing!  Reiki can be used on situations, to achieve goals, to overcome obstacles; its uses are endless! 

Additional Information:

Universal life energy is called "Qi" or "Chi" in China, "Prana" in India, "Orgone energy", "Bioenergetic plasma", and "Ki" in Japan, which is where the Reiki name derives (Rei-ki means Universal Life Force Energy).  Reiki circulates throughout the body and in an energy field surrounding the body. Recent scientific experiments have verified the existence of this life force energy.  Scientists have proven that everything in the universe, at a sub-atomic level, is made up of energy.   HEALTH is the harmonious flow of life energy, while imbalances in this flow (due to unhealthy habits or negative thoughts and emotions) lead to illness.

Reiki offers personal transformation and holistic health. It starts with giving you deep relaxation. As Reiki helps you heal, it removes stress, and relieves pain. It helps you sort through emotional issues and creates spiritual clarity.  Reiki does not require a specific belief system or worldview and it belongs to no religion.  Reiki used in conjunction with stones or crystals can help balance the whole chakra system and give it a boost of energy.

Reiki is now suggested and often subsidized by Cancer Care Manitoba (if approved) and other medical practices.


Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is the art of healing with the pure energy of the angels.  It has been described  as one of the "next generation, hands-on, power energy therapy systems that gets the issues out of your tissues for good!"

In order to live life to the fullest, we need to ensure our life energy receives as many healthy and resourceful inputs as we can provide.  When our lives are affected by emotional or physical stresses, the flow of our life energy becomes restricted or blocked.  Depending on where in the energy system that blockage lies and for how long, our organs and tissues can be affected, leading to physical illness.

The principal objective of IET is to provide safe, gentle, yet powerful, support to release suppressed feelings, and the energy blockages they cause, from our cellular memory.  Releasing the blocks allows for self-healing on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).  IET uses divine angelic energy rays to work directly with one's 12-strand spiritual DNA to re-align and re-balance the body.  Once the energy field is clear the body becomes re-balanced, we find ourselves free of limitations to our good health, life purpose, prosperity and creativity.  IET can therefore be  a tremendously empowering experience. 

How is IET performed and how is it different from Reiki?

Reiki and IET are complementary to one another and are often used in combination.  Both are channeled energy therapies, and use simple, gentle hands-on technique. Both acknowledge that the body does the healing after the blockages in the energy field are released.  A client may be seated or rest on a massage table, and remains fully-clothed for either session.  The primary difference between the two therapies is that the IET healing energy comes from the Angelic Realm. 

The intent of IET is emotional, mental, and karmic healing and is an active therapy.  An IET Practitioner uses the angelic heartlink and pull-out release techniques at specific energy "power points" on the body to clear deep blockages.  These points are at areas in the energy anatomy which have been identified as storing specific suppressed emotions.


Soul Retrieval is the recovery of the parts of our Soul that have fragmented.  Our soul is our life force, our essence, that part of us that keeps us alive and thriving.  Shamans believe the soul is free to leave the body.  Soul loss occurs when a part of the free soul leaves the body and does not return on its own. There are many different ways and reasons this can happen.  When we are born, we are like a beautiful chandelier with thousands of light bulbs.  Partial soul loss occurs when a light goes out, which leaves the person with less power and vitality.  Shamans for thousands of years have believed illnesses and diseases are often caused by soul loss.

Why do soul parts leave?

There are thousands of reasons a soul part may feel it is necessary to leave the body as a protective mechanism to survive the experience.  

Such as:

  • Trauma
  • Sudden impact
  • Unexpected painful loss (death of a loved one)
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Diagnosed with a serious illness
  • Experience or witness a disaster
  • Violence experienced or observed (emotional, mental and physical)
  • Sudden fright (from being scared, alarm clocks, etc.)
  • When we don't want to experience something painful (surgery, dentist, childbirth, etc.)
  • Disassociation from bullies, neglect, yelling, etc.

We can also give away parts of our soul to those we love, such as our spouses, children, family and friends. We may do this voluntarily in an attempt to protect our loved ones, or to try to share ourselves with them.  Sometimes we may also give soul parts away due to lack of self-care, self-abuse or for fame and money. 

Just as we can give away parts of our soul, we can also take parts of another person's soul. This is called soul stealing and it can happen innocently, without even meaning to. For example, a person who is very sick may look upon a person who is vibrant and healthy and say "I wish I had their energy," and he takes some of it, thinking he will feel better. In anger and envy some may also take soul parts from others in an attempt to lessen their happiness or power. 

The soul parts we give away and/or steal do not benefit the person who receives them.  In fact it burdens them by staying in their energy field and clouding them.  This cloudiness can affect the person negativity on many levels.

How do I know if I have Soul Loss?

Soul loss is comparable to the psychological concept of disassociation. The lost soul fragment may function separately and independently, waiting in the non-ordinary reality (the spirit world) because it doesn't know when the trauma is over and whether it is safe to return. 

The physical symptoms of soul loss include:

  • Fatigue
  • Addictions
  • Depression or deep sadness
  • Major life threatening illness
  • Reoccurring health problems (flus, colds, etc.)
  • Accident prone
  • Feeling lost, falling apart or fragmented
  • Feeling inner emptiness that can`t be fulfilled 
  • Inability to connect to others
  • Loss of memory
  • Hopelessness, suicidal tendencies 
  • Not completely here, or present
  • Spends 99% of time in head
  • Jealousy and envy
  • Resentment and self-sabotaging behaviour
  • Continually trying to fill the spiritual void by obsessing over material objects and goals

Soul Retrieval Process Includes:

  • Soul retrieval
  • Power animal retrieval
  • Meet your power animal and soul pieces to reconnect and learn how to honor them
  • Learn what soul pieces others have of yours and what soul pieces you carry of others, and how to retrieve and release them
  • Body part soul retrieval to assist healing physical issues and illnesses.  May include an extraction.
  • Learning to connect with spirit teachers and helpers, as well as nature, for guidance
  • Learning to take inventory of your life for cleansing, growth and self-development
  • And much more!

The soul retrieval process is a 5 session commitment with 1 hour sessions approximately every two weeks.  The five session commitment is mandatory as following your Soul Retrieval you will need to welcome those parts of yourself home, and to integrate them back into your life.  It can be very detrimental to a client to just have the soul retrieval and no teaching, trainings or follow up sessions; as your Shamanic practitioner I will assist you with this process. All five sessions are booked up front and are a minimum of a week apart, no more than three weeks apart.

Each person's experience after soul retrieval is unique. You may feel more joyful, lighter, more present and grounded in your body. You may become conscious of unhealthy behaviours and feel the need to change them. You may experience an improved state of well-being. You may be able to move forward on an issue that has been troubling you.  

This process can help you feel more whole, loved, safe, protected and guided on many levels


Rev. Kristel is a Non-Denominational Interfaith Minister that offers counseling and life coaching to those seeking guidance of any kind.  She works with individuals, couples, groups and organizations offering spiritual counseling, and motivational workshops to facilitate a holistic healing process of spirit, mind, and body.

Her work is not based on any single religious tradition. She works with people from any and all backgrounds, including those who have no religious affiliation or who are agnostics or atheists.

There are times when we struggle with some of the most profound questions in life, such as those related to God, purpose and meaning. It may be hard to see what is preventing us from achieving well-being and the spiritual connection which we long for. When we feel disconnected or isolated we may begin to experience spiritual, mental/emotional, and/or physical imbalances or dis-eases.  Spiritual counseling provides a safe and non-judgmental space where concerns of any kind can be expressed and explored. 

Reasons and benefits to seek Spiritual Counseling:

  • Depression, painful and difficult circumstances in your life
  • Discover your purpose in the world and how to fulfill it
  • Develop a clear realistic plan to accomplish your goals
  • Release guilt, fear, and other emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Improve relationships and intimacy skills
  • Realize your true nature, worthiness, power, and perfection
  • Re-frames and unifies beliefs that seem to be in conflict or cause confusion
  • Develop or create a deeper connection with God/Goddess/Creator/Spirit

Spiritual counseling provides the opportunity to honor and integrate one's spiritual and/or religious beliefs with self-care and self-healing practices. Sessions can take place as often as individuals wish such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Sessions continue for as long as individuals believe they are needed. As a spiritual counselor, Kristel facilitates new understanding of the process of transformation, growth, and helps people move toward the spiritual fulfillment and answers they seek. 

Couples:  Kristel offers Spiritual Counseling and ThetaHealing for couples to facilitate a holistic healing process of spirit, mind, and body.  She also assists them in discovering and clearing blocks to love and happiness and learning to open their hearts to reconnecting.

No matter what your challenge, Rev. Kristel can help you look at your life in new ways, and this will support you to live differently. She helps clients understand change, and empower themselves to manage the various changes occurring within and around them.  Her goal is to inspire clients to be all they can be!  To find more meaning in life, strengthen their spirituality and develop the strength and courage to make changes and attain goals in harmony with the real you!  To celebrate and live the life that you truly deserve!

Home & Business

Create a peaceful and harmonious vibration throughout
your home or business!

Energy can be felt and is often referred to as a "vibe" or "atmosphere".  Everything in this world is made of and absorbs energy, including your home, business, belongings, jewellery, etc.  Through time these places and items can become full and need an energetic cleansing.  This occurs from thoughts, emotions, and energy of current and past owners, and visitors.  When the energy within a home or business gets too thick and/or negative it can be detrimental to your health, relationships, finances, pets, and more. 

It is beneficial to do a spiritual cleansing and blessing when:
  • When you don't feel like yourself 
  • When you first move into a new home
  • When opening a new business
  • Before moving out of a home to help ease the transition
  • After a long illness, or periodically during a chronic illness
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable or nervous in your space
  • If electronics or pets are acting erratic 
  • If you have been having a lot of hard luck, depression or mood swings
  • During transitional periods in your life
  • To help sell or rent real estate
  • After a death, divorce or relationship change
  • When you have purchased or inherited used items
  • When you wish to open the door to new opportunities

When we do a home cleansing it takes approx. 30-75 minutes depending on the home. We go through each and every room and energetically cleanse it of all negative thoughts, feelings, energies and entities using various techniques. We use a custom smudge blend created for the cleanse based on your needs that has over 18 different herbs, resins, and oils so the home smells nice and fresh.  We then do a blessing to bring in more abundance, love, good health and happiness.  We will also leave a variety of charged stones (valued at approx. $50) throughout the home and energetically grid them.  Many who have had their homes cleansed are much happier, sleep better, have improved health, relationships, and abundance.  We will leave you with the balance of the smudge blend to cleanse yourself, family members or the home or business in the future.  

PLEASE NOTE:  As there is no time and space in the energy world, your home can be cleansed long distance.  Which means one doesn`t necessarily have to come to your home to cleanse and bless it.  If booking a cleansing session just state in the notes area if it is to be done long distance, in which case we will contact you to make arrangements and go over the details.

In Home Cleansing & Blessings are $200 and long distance is $80.  Business Cleansing & Blessings start at $350 and may increase depending on size of building and if includes grounds or parking lot.   

Seminars & Keynote Speaking

Kristel Kernaghan is an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker.  

She offers a wide variety of powerful and transformational keynote speeches, services, seminars and workshops to assist corporations, businesses and business owners to be empowered in creating the life and business they truly desire!

She offers seminars on:

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Learning how our thoughts, feelings and actions create our reality
  • The Power of Positivity
  • Harnessing your true potential and rocking it
  • Living authentically
  • Energetic Healing
  • Mediumship, life after life, and the spirit world
  • Creating and maintaining amazing relationships
  • Manifesting abundance and releasing any subconscious blocks or programs to achieving it
  • Using humour to heal, grow and change
  • Releasing negativity and blocks that can create drama and issues within an organization
  • How detrimental bullying (kids and adults) is on others, and ways to overcome it
  • Aligning with the flow of life on a very deep level to create more motivation, happiness, harmony and abundance
  • Much, much, more!


Kristel's presentations are customized to your audience/event in terms of length, content, needs, and objectives of your organization, including:

  • Lunch and Learn's
  • 45 minute keynote/interactive seminar
  • 90 minute keynote/interactive seminar
  • 3 hour interactive seminar/workshop format
  • 6 hour interactive seminar/workshop format

Kristel is an experienced instructor and teaches over 45 workshops a year!  Workshops include fun and dynamic experiments and exercises to aid in the learning and growth process. 

Kristel uses a combination of quantum physics, spiritual wisdom (universal, not religious), along with her authenticity and a dash of humour to deliver exceptional and powerful seminars!  Her forte is bridging the gap between science and universal energetic wisdom to assist even the hardest of non-believers to be empowered with the truth that they truly create their reality, and can heal, grow, manifest and change in any way they want.  Her passion for helping people and organizations to improve through the power of positivity, purpose, and authenticity permeates her messages. Based on your objectives, Kristel can tailor an existing program around your meeting theme, desired outcome or develop a presentation unique to your group.

Whether you're looking for an opening or closing keynote speaker, or the main presenter, Rev. Kristel Kernaghan delivers a tailored program that will exceed all your expectations!

For more information or to book a seminar please contact us!


Seminar Testimonial

"As my son and I operate the Body Mind Spirit Show, we have been blessed to share our venue with like minded people who have a message. They speak from the heart. Rev. Kristel Kernaghan is not only one of those people, she is the poster child of what we are trying to embrace in our event. The beauty of a true speaker, is the way they can weave a message into the crowd, and all present feel it was just for them. And maybe it was. Why else where they there and the speaker saying just what you needed to hear.  God gave us many gifts of Gratitude. Rev. Kristel Kernaghan is one of those gifts. Take the time if you have the opportunity, and go and listen." 

~ Dale E. Scott

Body mind Spirit Show

Ethics & Disclaimer

Divine Clarity Healing Room

All services are provided with complete compassion and professionalism.  All treatments and contact information are kept confidential.  

Healing sessions can take place as often as individuals wish such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, however often only one to two sessions are needed as very powerful.  Sessions continue for as long as individuals believe they are needed.  For readings we suggest no more frequent than every 4-6 months; as we create our reality it is important to leave time for the seeds we sow to grow.

Spiritual services do not replace professional medical or psychological care, but rather compliment it.  We cannot make guarantees as to the outcome of your treatment or a particular situation as each person is different and individuals must also make a conscious effort to be open to change and growth; and the greater the willingness and desire, the better the outcome will be. We all of the power to heal ourselves and our lives, and we would love to assist you with this process!