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Healer Retreat

  • Divine Clarity 2071 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, MB, R3J 0K9 Canada (map)

We are all on this planet to be of service in one form or another as lightworkers. Whether you are a healer, massage therapist, social worker, teacher, nurse, reader, business owner or work with people in any way, this workshop will assist you!

For over ten years, Kristel has been a successful healer, teacher and Psychic Medium. She has seen thousands of clients and taught hundreds of classes. Kristel’s practice started small and has now grown to where her services are in high demand, which can be seen by her extensive waiting list.

In this Healer Retreat, Kristel is going to share her personal “Ingredients of a Successful Healer” and how she has created and maintains a thriving spiritual practice! This will bring your spiritual and professional skills to a higher more vivid level and empower you with tools to assist others in healing, growing and awakening!

The skills learnt in this retreat will assist anyone in improving their life, and wanting to create or enhance a spiritual or healing practice. Filled with lots of fun and interactive meditations and exercises.

Soul Purpose:
♦ Your Soul's blueprint and plans
♦ How to step into your power
♦ How to find yours and your clients highest potential/purpose and step into it

Intuition Development:
♦ How to increase your intuition
♦ Signs & Symbols
♦ How Spirit communicates with YOU
♦ Learning where your personal healing gifts are and how to strengthen them
♦ How to know the difference between your mind and spirit
♦ Includes a large variety of intuition building exercises

♦ What is a healer (lightworker)
♦ Healer Blocks
♦ Learning the difference between your issues and others
♦ Learning what’s holding you back and exercises to release
♦ Ingredients of a successful healer
♦ Embrace your souls purpose as a healer

Working with clients:
♦ How to develop a rapport with your clients
♦ Foundation of a session to bring about the most healing and growth
♦ Taking care of yourself (from energetic hooks, cords, cling ons, etc.)
♦ Why people don’t heal
♦ How to tell if someone is unconscious of their issues
♦ Dealing with depression and suicide
♦ How to raise the frequency in yourself and others
♦ How to deal with difficult clients
♦ Harmonizing the brain (intellect and intuition) and shifting clients into coherence
♦ How to deal with new and strange situations

Manifesting & Maintaining a Successful Practice:
♦ How to be in the flow of abundance
♦ How to attract the right type of clients
♦ Your thoughts create the field of your business
♦ Creating healthy professional boundaries
♦ Customer service and professionalism

♦ Optional addition to workshop, have a private one hour session with Kristel where she will assist you in personally uncovering your gifts and releasing your blocks. Session will be within two months of Healer Retreat completion (Kristel otherwise has a year waiting list for sessions).
This life changing Healer Retreat includes a variety of lessons, exercises, and meditations. ~ Only offered 1-2 times per year!

Prerequisite: DC Spiritual Development Program (Part 1, 2, 3, 4)

Healer Retreat: $582.75 (including GST) or $635.25 (including GST) for the installment plan. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due at time of registration. The balance is due at the start of the workshop. 
Healer Retreat & Mentorship: $708.75 (including GST) or $779.63 (including GST) for the installment plan, which includes one personalized session with Kristel. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is due at time of registration. The balance is due at the start of the workshop.

As this is education to further your business, you will receive a receipt, which you can claim on your taxes (see your accountant for more information). For more information on payment plans, please contact Reception.  

Register online or at Reception 204-223-8778 ~ 2071 Portage Ave..