Workshop Testimonials

I had a great experience at the Bridging Spirits workshop and a wonderful session with Kristel as Medium, helping me to reach past relatives! Thank you Kristel and Divine Clarity! — Ron C.

Awaken Lightworker is a phenomenal workshop. 4 days later and still feeling the impact. Understanding that we can learn life lessons in a lighter way. Thank you Kristel for the way you teach your students, it’s such a wonderful feeling being a part of your workshops. I always feel safe when I attend your workshops. You are truly inspiring.— Roxanne N.

The staff is wonderful and the classes Kristel & Darcy offer are amazing. Canada, you are so lucky to have this team on your side of the border!!— Heather O.

Had many amazing experiences at Divine Clarity!! I have had an amazing reading and took both levels of Theta Healing. Most recently, I had a Hypnotherapy session with Darcy. Words cannot describe how amazing the session! More magical experiences at Divine. I would recommend Hypnotherapy.— Jodie D.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend Kristel’s Basic ThetaHealing class! After taking the workshop I felt my trust, faith and connection to Spirit increase. In the Theta state I feel very connected to Spirit! Thank-you Kristel for the amazing workshop!— Kaitlyn C.

Highly recommend the workshops! I attended the Spiritual Development one and loved it. Kristel is an amazing teacher ; the workshop is fun and packed with info that reaches from quantum physics to self development and everything in between. LOVED IT! Cant wait to attend the other workshops as well! The staff is super friendly too and the location layout is just beautiful and makes you feel like home. — Alicia V.

My visit was uplifting, I’ll be back soon.— Marilyn R. ~ Alleviating Anxiety Workshop

I had my personalized session with Kristel as part of the Healer Retreat & Mentorship Program and her guidance with helping me on my journey is amazing. Thank you Kristel! — Patrice M. ~ Healer Retreat & Mentorship

Thank you Kristel! You’re so very gifted and go beyond what I was able to comprehend, you did say it would take a week or so to come clearer. I am extremely grateful I walked into your store a year ago,and booked the healer retreat. A very moving experience. I feel very blessed to have had some alone time with you, you are truly amazing and blessed with gifts that are from the highest! I will be back to learn more.— Elaine H. ~ Healer Retreat & Mentorship

Thoroughly enjoyed IET training with Kristel!! I’ve been there so often this spring it feels like home!! Thank you Kristel for your kindness and all that you are so willing to share! — Carolynn M. ~ Integrate Energy Therapy Workshop

THANK YOU Kristel of Divine Clarity for a most enlightening and amazing HEALER RETREAT!! Your presentation is heartfelt and skilled ... I had strong “AHA” moments. Thank you so much for making your workshops available. I can’t wait til the next one!— Carolynn M. ~ Healer Retreat

I attended the Basic Medium Workshop with Kristel and it was an amazing experience. Kristel is a very gifted teacher and presenter. She is very passionate about what she does and she truly cares about the people she teaches and works with. She took a genuine interest in all of the students. I find it inspiring how committed Kristel is to using her gifts to help others. I feel blessed to have met Kristel. I highly recommend Divine Clarity. Thank you Kristel for a wonderful experience. — Daniel S. ~ Basic Mediumship Workshop

Kristel did a family reading with me and my family and it was such an amazing experience. I also did a course with ThetaHealing and I absolutely loved it. I absolutely recommend her to everybody. — Courtney B. ~ Medium Reading

The IET course weekend was high energy and inspiring! I feel that it is a very significant and important part of my energy and spiritual healing toolbelt. I have been working for some time on minimizing and eliminating chronic pain and I have had a major breakthrough! I am able to get through my days without pain by including IET in my self healing process. This is HUGE! As I have suffered from severe chronic pain all my life. I also received confirmation that the energy healing that I was practicing on others was effective and am therefore excited to start offering this to others! —Peony W. ~ Integrated Energy Therapy Workshop

This fall I had the pleasure of attending the Beginning Mediumship class and the Mediumship Developmental Circle with Kristel. She is a gifted teacher and facilitator who is able to navigate and explain the realm of Spirit communication with such clarity. Her humour, empathy and wisdom allow us as students to relax into a process that is all at once exhilarating, fascinating and deeply humbling. As we are guided through exercises that teach us the necessary skills of connection and discernment, Kristel instills in us a deep sense of reverence for this work. I wish I could express in words the extent of my gratitude and appreciation. We are so fortunate to have this world class teacher and Medium in our own backyard.— Rachel L. ~ Mediumship Workshop & Development Circle

Thanks once again you far exceeded what I expected.— Kevin G. ~ Mediumship Development Circle

Huge thank you to Kristel for all her love and guidance on our journey as developing mediums. I personally, had many self doubts and questions about my own journey. I feel that this has been a huge awakening. To know that this path has been there, waiting for me to accept and to follow is a life-altering revelation. Kristel, you are a wonderful teacher, mentor and inspiration! It is my honour and pleasure to be your student! Much love to you. — Bonnie W. ~ Mediumship Development Circle

I attended the Bridging Spirits workshop and it was great. Kristel has answers to a lot of questions I’ve been wondering and so many more insightful things to learn. She is very professional and has an extremely positive vibe about her ... and she’s funny!! I have a one on one reading next month and I can’t wait!!!— Steph ~ Bridging Spirits Workshop

I’ve just taken a two day workshop on Spiritual Development and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Thank-you so much Kristel for sharing your gifts :) So looking forward to attending more of your workshops.— Brenda ~ Spiritual Development Program

I very much enjoyed the Moon Magic workshop. Kristel is a great teacher and a very gifted person. I found it very interesting and learned so many things that I wasn’t aware of. I would definitely attend another workshop!— Joan ~ Moon Magic Workshop

The ThetaHealing workshops Kristel teaches allowed me to put everything I learned by myself together and lift me up to the next level. Kristel’s generosity, knowledge, experience and sense of humor are God send. I can’t recommend these workshops enough!— Sandrine Z. ~ ThetaHealing Workshops

Kristel is an excellent teacher. She is gracious, engaging and so authentic. The shoppe is lovely and so are the staff. It’s such a beautiful learning facility. Divine Clarity is a divine blessing!!!!— Marlo B.

Kristel has a wonderful way of teaching. She is filled with love and light and truly works in total authenticity. I am happy to have a teacher like her to guide us into being able to find our own authentic self. I also love that she has a great sense of humour as laughter itself is a healer :) — Susan S.

This class (Angelic Realm Practitioner Workshop) was fantastic. The material and presentation was terrific. Very informative; terrific personal examples. I hung on every word. Kristel is very interesting to listen to! Thanks for the great class! I learned a lot! — Sheila T. ~ Angelic Realm Practitioner Workshop

I have completed my Reiki Master certification with Kristel. Kristel is a fantastic teacher - she keeps it fun in her delivery and keeps it real. A very welcoming atmosphere. I was quite shy when beginning this journey but with gentle pushing from Kristel, coming out of that comfort zone, I have gained self confidence and much healing has taken place. Absolutely fantabulous journey!— Christina ~ Reiki Master Workshop

Kristel’s ability to demonstrate, convey and build an interest in the things that she has to teach, inform and enlighten the public on, is SO commendable. I will certainly be returning to build on what I learned on my first visit. Her facilities are clean, roomy and inviting whether it’s in a large or small group setting or if it’s one-on-one. She offers and provides such a complete ‘package’ there. Well done Divine Clarity!!— Ron C.

Very grateful to have took part in the Moon Magic workshop, fascinating information about how everything is connected via energy. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. Magic is brilliant, love Yin/Yang, walking the middle road, Moon names and Astrology. Much love & blessings!— Steven G. ~ Moon Magic Workshop

I have been blessed to have Kristel as my teacher and mentor since she first started teaching. I have taken a number of workshops from her and she is simply the best. In October of 2015, I had my first medium appointment with Kristel. This woman is so the real deal, so so gifted. I would encourage anyone who is awakening....or about to...to seek out Divine Clarity and participate in any number of workshops, teachings and medium appointments (group or private). Always a safe place for our spirits to grow, Kristel, Darcy, Nicolette and the rest of the staff make Divine Clarity a wonderful, fulfilling, inspirational place to be. I am so glad to have crossed paths....forever grateful Kristel!— Patti T.

The workshops and healing sessions at Divine Clarity have been very beneficial and enlightening to my spiritual growth and healing business. Kristel’s personal
experiences and connection to spirit since childhood have made her a powerful teacher, medium, psychic, and healer who shares her personal journey throughout
her workshops. Her knowledge, compassion and commitment to helping others shines in her work, and Winnipeg is very blessed to have this incredibly gifted person.— Cindy M.

Just experienced my first workshop with Kristel and loved it! The atmosphere was very relaxed, the information was varied and interesting and moved along vey well. Kristel promoted the group to participate, that added with her knowledge made my first experience a great introduction to discovering more about myself and this life...Already booked and excited for my next class!— Penny

Healer Retreat & Mentorship is a MUST!!! Kristel Kernaghan delivers and teaches amazing information how to be a successful healer. Giving wonderful opportunities of insight for the true healer we all are. — Heather G. ~ Healer Retreat

Every class or meeting with Kristel amazes me. The reading was making me misty eyes. (Must be the allergies lol) Mom was a bit of a skeptic but the information that came through no one would have known. She is a happier person because of you Kristel. Thank you! — Kevin

I recently completed the Basic ThetaHealing Workshop with Kristel and can only describe this experience as absolutely amazing! Her ability to move through the material with an incredible breadth of knowledge combined with her easy teaching style instills confidence in the hearts and minds of all who participated. I can honestly say the Basic ThetaHealing Workshop has allowed me to grow in ways I never expected and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this incredible healing modality with others. Thank you Kristel for a most enjoyable, enlightening and truly inspiring workshop. Namaste.— Dale B. ~ ThetaHealing Workshop

Spirit working in their mysterious ways guided me towards doing the Theta workshop. It wasn’t something I had ever considered. Well I honestly can’t say enough about the weekend. It was amazing, I learnt so much not only about Theta healing but about my own ability to really make a difference through this modality of healing. I would highly recommend it. Krystal is a extremely intelligent, articulate teacher and tailored the course to our group and our needs. I have a practice client soon and I can’t wait to see how impactful it is for both of us, I’m now looking forward to the advanced course . Thank you so much Krystal for opening your home and your time to all of us, it truly was a wonderful experience.— Kari H. ~ ThetaHealing Workshop

Had a wonderful time at this workshop! I learned so much and feel incredibly blessed to have been able to attend this!— Lou V.

I have been truly blessed to meet with Kristel. I have spent my life time seeking and learning about personal growth and our world and where we fit into the divine universe. I have taken many courses from Kristel. Reiki, Theta, IET and most recently Connecting to Spirit. Each course has worked towards deepening my understanding and confidence in my self and my place with in our universe. Kristel has presented me with the ground work to open my song of life. If you are on a journey of discovery be sure to open yourself to the wisdom that comes through Kristel at Divine Clarity. — Diane S.

Darcy, A big thank you for the wonderful day making drums, everyone enjoyed themselves. Will definitely tell people about your wonderful services!— Pat ~ Drum Making Workshop

Whenever I am in Kristel’s presence I feel I am in the right place. Both in healing sessions and in workshop settings, I feel safe being completely open with her, and excited about the insights I am sure to experience. Kristel is a confident, inspiring teacher, with a sense of humour and a little irreverence that allow for laughter, even doing really deep work. If you ever feel guided to work with Kristel, I recommend it. My experiences with her have always been enlightening. (And as for our last session, Kristel, thank you! “I can see clearly now...” — imagine really gorgeous singing voice. All is well, for sure.— Robin

Kristel is an amazing person! She has taught me 3 levels of Reiki and I feel very blessed. Thank you!— Delia

I’ve taken a course with Kristel and found her to be very passionate about her teachings. She was great at explaining and helping her students feel comfortable. I have also have the fortunate experience to have private counseling. Kristel is very patient, guiding spirit.— C.M.

Kristel has helped me shift my negative thoughts to positive ones through Thetahealing. I have learned so much and have grown spiritually since I’ve met her. Thetahealing has helped me realize, I’m responsible for my own happiness. She is such a positive roll model and I’m so blessed I have her in my life!— Lyne H.

I am trained in many healing modalities and feel ThetaHealing is by far the most advanced and expansive! It helped me understand the Spiritual realms, and increased my intuition phenomenally! It can be used with and enhances all other healing modalities! If you are looking for an amazing way to create positive change in your life, look no further!— D.T.

Hi I’ve taken 3 courses of Kristel’s and each time is such an amazing experience. I have had so much growth opportunities as a result. I have done many things for personal growth over the years and by far this Theta Healing has extraordinary capabilities. I’m just learning of course! And most recently I had a session with Kristel, and within one hour, she had been able to do an amazing reading of my situation and helped me progress through a number of things. Kristel has amazing gifts, she has chosen to share with others, I highly recommend her and her business! Thanks so much.— Lea

Kristel has been a large part of my personal journey and has helped assist me as I came into alignment with my path. From taking the Alliance of Divine Love Ministry training, Reiki and Thetahealing® to visiting her for a Soul Retrieval, Kristel has proved to be gifted teacher and healer that truly works from the heart. — Rev. Sheri Boyce

The ADL spiritual development and ministerial program, taught by Kristel, was an amazing journey of the heart. Kristel provided a wonderful supportive atmosphere where each student could express their personal “aha” moments and grow with unconditional love and support. I am grateful for this experience.— Rev. Laura Bean

I have been manifesting a teacher/mentor to assist me in my journey. Attended the basic workshop this past weekend which was an enlightening eye opener. Kristel is a “POWERHOUSE” of universal knowledge and patient teacher. I am very much looking forward to the Advanced Theta Class in July. Thank You Kristel Kernaghan for all you do to help mankind find their purpose in ALL THAT IS . . . with understanding, compassion, gratitude, and LOVE.— Yvonne

Kristel is very genuine, and has very positive energy. I have taken workshops and attended healing sessions, both of which I have found to be very helpful. Whether for workshops or healing, I would definitely recommend Kristel to anyone.— Nichole G.

I’ve been dealing with weight issues for some time now, and - regardless of what was tried - I just wasn’t getting anywhere. Through an interesting twist my search lead me to Kristel... Now I am a much different person than the shell of the girl who walked through her door! I’ve taken many of her classes, had ThetaHealing sessions, and the changes in my life have been absolutely profound. It has been an exceptionally moving and rewarding experience. I routinely refer my patients to her now! Becoming a Certified ThetaHealer has made such an incredible difference in my life. The workshops are jam-packed with knowledge and key information! If you think you may be “your own worst enemy”, or maybe you are sabotaging your own abundance from flowing into your life - I HIGHLY recommend Kristel’s healing sessions and workshops! Thank you, Kristel.— Liana B.

Sending huge love through to Kristel Kernaghan for her lifelong devotion, and for sharing it with us this weekend in the Theta Healing workshop....so good, so far-reaching!— Beth M.

I met Kristel in a Theta workshop. Her insights were inspiring and engaging to me. I traveled from the USA all the way to her home in Canada to have some childhood trauma cleared. It cleared in a matter of minutes (and there were some deep hooks). The 30 years of therapy didn’t really work, but Theta Healing really did. I am now on the co-creation path with Creator. Thank you, Kristel!— Linda

Kristel is amazing! I highly recommend taking her workshops and seeing her for personal sessions! Her knowledge, gifts and training will change your life!!— Jasmine

Have taken many workshops with Kristel as well as have had a home cleansing and various healing experiences also. She is kind, loving and gentle. She is working from the right place..the heart and it is evident in everything that she does. She walks the walk and has made a difference to our lives. I recommend her services every chance I get, as I do with any practitioner that does exceptional work. Thanks Kristel I really appreciate you, you make a difference!— Nancy

just wanted to thank you again for the Connecting to Spirit Workshop!. It was an amazing experience. It was exactly what I needed. You’re a wonderful teacher; it’s easy to learn from you. Thanks again!— Crystal

The universe lead me on my journey to Kristel through a professional friend. It was impeccable timing in my life as I’ve been fortunate to attend reiki and the Connecting to Spirit workshop with Kristel. She has a gift that she uses to help people on their life’s journey and I can’t wait to attend her other workshops. During our first reiki session, I learned more about myslef than I had hoped to. It was by no mistake that our paths have crossed. Thanks Kristel!— Rich

I have been seeing Kristel for theta healing and have found it to be a life changing experience. Big issues i have been working on for years and years in therapy i was able to let go in a single session. Beliefs I never discovered in years of therapy were clarified in a matter of minutes. I can’t even begin to express how meaningful and helpful this process has been for me. I’ve also experienced the Connecting To Spirit workshop with Kristel which i found to be mind blowing!!! I learned so much but also found that the workshop was a perfect balance of information and experiential exercises so we could practice what we were learning! Was truly a game changer!!! Thanks Kristel!— Sarah

Kristel is an amazing teacher! If you’re looking to help heal yourself or others, I highly recommend taking the Reiki courses... truly an amazing experience that you will walk away from forever changed.— Tracy

I have taken Reiki 1 and 2 with Kristel. Not only are her classes successful but she is willing to share how to become a spiritual success within youself, which gives you a true look at Kristel’s amazing gifts. Being in Kristel’s class she definitly “tapped” into my weaknesses and worked on them with me, to help remove blocks within myself, or just to point me in the right direction. I would recommend her classes to anyone in a heartbeat. She is an inspiration to all! Thank you Kristel!— Karly ~ Reiki Workshops

I took Reiki level 1 & 2. I learned so much and am so grateful to now have Reiki so that I can help others and myself. Kristel is great! She is so open and loving. She makes you feel at home. You can say what you feel and it’s always okay. She is willing to teach you everything she knows in the workshops she offers as well as in life and guide you through anything you may be going through at the time without hesitation. Kristel never makes you feel like she’s the teacher and that she’s better than you because of it. That’s always a cool feeling. I am very grateful Kristel has come into my life and grateful that I am learning so much from her. Words could not truly express my gratitude!! I think that anything Kristel offers, whether it be her help, advice, various services or workshops on various subjects is truly worth it!! :)— Somsomay