Seminars & Keynote Speaking

Kristel Kernaghan is an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker. 

She offers a wide variety of powerful and transformational keynote speeches, services, seminars and workshops to assist corporations, businesses and business owners to be empowered in creating the life and business they truly desire!

She offers seminars on:

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Learning how our thoughts, feelings and actions create our reality
  • The Power of Positivity
  • Harnessing your true potential and rocking it
  • Living authentically
  • Energetic Healing
  • Mediumship, Life after life, and the spirit world
  • Creating and maintaining amazing relationships
  • Manifesting abundance and releasing any subconscious blocks or programs to achieving it
  • Using humor to heal, grow and change
  • Releasing negativity and blocks that can create drama and issues within an organization
  • How detrimental bullying (kids and adults) is on others, and ways to overcome it
  • Aligning with the flow of life on a very deep level to create more motivation, happiness, harmony and abundance
  • Much, much, more!


Kristel's presentations are customized to your audience/event in terms of length, content, needs, and objectives of your organization, including:

  • Lunch and Learn's
  • 45 minute keynote/interactive seminar
  • 90 minute keynote/interactive seminar
  • 3 hour interactive seminar/workshop format
  • 6 hour interactive seminar/workshop format

Kristel is an experienced instructor and teaches over 45 workshops a year! 

Workshops include fun and dynamic experiments and exercises to aid in the learning and growth process. 

Kristel uses a combination of quantum physics, spiritual wisdom (universal, not religious), along with her authenticity and a dash of humor to deliver exceptional and powerful seminars!  Her forte is bridging the gap between science and universal energetic wisdom to assist even the hardest of non-believers to be empowered with the truth that they truly create their reality, and can heal, grow, manifest and change in any way they want.  Her passion for helping people and organizations to improve through the power of positivity, purpose, and authenticity permeates her messages. Based on your objectives, Kristel can tailor an existing program around your meeting theme, desired outcome or develop a presentation unique to your group.

Whether you're looking for an opening or closing keynote speaker, or the main presenter, Rev. Kristel Kernaghan delivers a tailored program that will exceed all your expectations!

For more information or to book a seminar please contact us!


Seminar Testimonial

"As my son and I operate the Body Mind Spirit Show, we have been blessed to share our venue with like minded people who have a message. They speak from the heart. Rev. Kristel Kernaghan is not only one of those people, she is the poster child of what we are trying to embrace in our event. The beauty of a true speaker, is the way they can weave a message into the crowd, and all present feel it was just for them. And maybe it was. Why else where they there and the speaker saying just what you needed to hear.  God gave us many gifts of Gratitude. Rev. Kristel Kernaghan is one of those gifts. Take the time if you have the opportunity, and go and listen."
~ Dale E. Scott
Body mind Spirit Show