About Us

Divine Clarity is a family business owned by Kristel & Darcy Kernaghan. 

Opened in 2007. In 2016 Divine Clarity Spiritual Centre & Metaphysical Shoppe expanded and relocated to 2071 Portage Avenue, in Winnipeg, Manitoba across from the Assiniboine Park Footbridge. 

Divine Clarity Metaphysical Shoppe offers a great variety of crystals, gemstones, wands, reiki stone kits, books, oracle cards, colouring books, candles, incense, jewelry, pendulums, singing bowls, children books and treasures.   As a medium, Kristel understands the importance of keeping love and spirit connected to those who have passed so we also offer memorial keepsakes, such as urn necklaces and angels, memorial candles, and more.  We aim to have each person walk in instantly feeling relaxed and inspired.

Divine Clarity Spiritual Centre offers a large teaching studio that can hold up to 50 people!  We have a "Zen Den" for clients to relax when in for services and workshops.  Kristel's healing room can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably for group medium readings, and the studio for even larger readings.  Darcy's Hypnotherapy and healing room is charming, the perfect place to relax and heal.  We also have a Healing Haven Automated Spa clients can book. 

Our mission is to assist others to heal, grow and awaken.  

We hope our products, centre, and staff will assist you on your journey.  Many Blessings! 

Rev. Kristel Kernaghan - Founder & Owner

Kristel comes from a long family lineage of spiritually gifted individuals, including psychics and healers.  Kristel is a natural Psychic Medium, born with the gift of feeling, seeing and communicating with spirits, guides, and angels. Kristel has been doing spiritual work since 16 years old.  

Kristel has a passion for teaching, and assisting others to heal, grow and awaken.  She is an exceptional intuitive and channel and uses her gifts to assist clients in sessions, workshops, and public speaking.  She has an authentic playful nature that adds fun and lightness to her events!

Kristel teaches over 45 workshops a year within North America, including over 25 different topics and healing modalities. 

She is phenomenally grateful and humbled to be of service doing what she loves and living her purpose sharing "Divine Clarity" with the world!  


  • Ordained Interfaith Non-Denominational Minister
  • Advanced Mediumship
  • Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Instructor
  • Certified Reiki Master & Instructor
  • Certified Integrated Energy Therapy® Master& Instructor
  • Certified Angel Messenger Practitioner®
  • Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner
  • Certified Veterinary Hospital Assistant & Office Assistant
  • Certified Animal Healing Practitioner & Instructor (Reiki & IET)
  • Certified Quality Assurance Manager
  • Awakening the Illuminated Heart Practitioner
  • Foundation for Shamanic Studies Practitioner
  • Soul Retrieval Practitioner

You can learn more about Kristel on her personal website www.kristelkernaghan.com.

Darcy Kernaghan - Co-Owner

Darcy is a kind hearted, gentle soul.  He exudes a positivity that easily lights the way for others to see the goodness in each moment. 

Darcy's specialty is assisting clients in releasing anxiety, depression, and trauma. Using a variety of skills and training he can assist people to clear and disarm limiting beliefs and energy from negative life events to align with their higher selves.  

Darcy offers Bio-Pulsar In-depth Aura & Chakra Readings to deliver deep insight in where one's energy is at, body, mind and spirit, and provides a variety of suggestions to holistically heal, grow and awaken. 

Darcy also loves creating and teaching students to make hand crafted drums, as well as children classes. 


Our Divine Clarity Team

Angie - Supervisor

Angie's interests include crystals, tarot & oracle, ThetaHealing, meditation, plants, books, and writing. Her favourite crystals are Labradorite and Pyrite. 

Katie - Receptionist

Katie's interests include personal development, Spirit Guides, psychic abilities, intuitive development and bridging spirituality with science and mathematics. Her favourite crystal is Rose Quartz. 

Chandler - Receptionist

Chandler’s interests include Astrology, the lunar cycle, books, photography, cats, and Harry Potter. Her favourite crystal is Fluorite.